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1 July 2013

Student Leaders

by Andy Smith – 

Paul is full of energy.

He seems to be always on the go, evangelizing or discipling or visiting other workers or arranging a training event or something else…

Several years ago, he attended a training in church multiplication movements. It got him praying in some new ways. Shortly after that, he learned that the president of a college a few towns away is a Christian. He visited her. She urged him to open work on the campus. Many of the brightest students from that little-reached part of southern Luzon are enrolled there.

Believing this to be an opportunity from God, we opened a student center. A young woman felt called to the ministry. She and Paul began serving the students. They discovered some who were already believers. They focused on discipling them so that they would take responsibility for the work. God blessed the ministry.

Students now lead most aspects of it. Some of the first students who were discipled have graduated. Our hope is that many graduates will return to their hometown and start a church there, using the reproducible methods they learned while on campus.

Andy Smith trains and coaches local church workers in the essentials of Christian ministry.