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1 June 2013

Excerpts from Samar

Salvation Movement at Magsaysay

Samar Story TimeKisses and hugs galore are showered on us from kind Bible study members on our 2nd day back from the hospital dealing with Schistosomiasis. “Sister, Brother! We’ve been waiting too long for you. Every week we look for you. Please tell us more Bible stories,” they implore. We’re ready and eager, so we begin right on the spot.

They pull out benches and plastic chairs from their homes and seat the congregation on the 10-foot wide sidewalk. We string our tarp from one house to another to get out of the rain. 65 stand or sit for two hours as we share the parables of the Lost Coin, Pearl of Great Price, sing hymns in Waray-Waray, and pray for one another. No one wants to leave.

The following Sunday, we gather again and share the story of Zaccheus. “If Jesus came to your house today, would you surrender your all to him, too?” we ask. Reverently, 15 women do. How marvelous to see the Light break in upon them and to see them receive Christ with such humility. We show a film “Bamboo in Winter” during Holy Week to inspire them to face persecution with courage and love. 200 attend. Pray for a hundred more to follow Christ, for this group of believers to reach the next village, and train others to do likewise. Praise God that a local believer is now teaching in place of the missionary.