The Task Unfinished from OMF International Media on Vimeo.

A spoken word and video piece, inspired by Facing a Task Unfinished originally written by China Inland Mission worker and hymn writer Frank Houghton.

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That’s One Hot Pot!

It does feel like a sauna. Sweltering heat. Sunshine beating down. Clothes sweat-soaked in the thick humidity. That's summertime in Taiwan. *Stomach growls*. You hungry? Ah! I know just the thing. Hotpot! Cozying up to a steaming bowl of soup and and a roaring fire is just what we need. No? Too hot huh. Come [...]

Japan: where the good people are

A major reason for Japan’s low-crime society lies in the virtues of Shintoism. They are admired by much of the world, but is it enough?

New! – Praying down the Mekong River

We are excited to present you with our new Mekong Prayer Guide. Download here. Like a river, a movement is not static nor constrained. A river keeps on flowing and is able to flow across different geographical boundaries to bring life to vast areas. Mekong people groups live across geographical boundaries and in multiple countries. [...]

A Practical Jesus

“Don’t give me philosophy. Give me power!” The Taiwanese are a practical people. They want practical help in daily life. So when it comes to religion, they believe and do what works. Abstract philosophies and ineffective gods will not do. How can something invisible like gods and spirits help them in daily life? The Taiwanese […]

One God or millions?

“When I was in preschool I was taught, at meal times, that seven gods reside in one grain of rice,” Mai, a high school student recounted. “I couldn’t reconcile this teaching with what I understood of the world.”

Answered Prayers: Stories from Christmas Outreach 2019

During Advent we asked you to pray with us for Christmas events as they happened in churches in East Asia. We're delighted to share a few photos and, more importantly, how God has worked to answer your prayers! We hope these stories inspire you to keep praying. Christmas in Thailand Double the people! Thank you [...]

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