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1 March 2013

Computer Training

by Andy Smith

In 2010, a missionary couple moved to a town in Southern Luzon. They talked to the pastors of the handful of churches there and began meeting the residents and taking prayer walks around the town.

They learned that nearly all of the work in the government offices was done by hand. Almost nothing had been computerized. They then realized that they had not seen any internet cafes in the town. After asking more questions, they confirmed that few people in the town were computer literate.

The man is gifted in both computing and teaching. So he opened a computer tutorial center. He now teaches many professionals, including the government officials and school teachers. We tell them that we opened work in their town to serve those who serve others. They greatly appreciate what we are doing.

Some of them have grown close to the couple. They now talk openly about their personal struggles. This allows the couple to share biblical wisdom with them. Lord willing, this will lead to Bible studies in the houses of some of these people. Our hope is that these studies will then develop into churches.

Andy Smith trains and coaches local church workers in the essentials of Christian ministry.