Love – the heart of mission is loving people as Christ loved us.

A typical day in the life of one OMF worker in Taiwan.

Music by David Jansen

Produced by OMF Taiwan and SeetoPhotography

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Serve Asia Coordinator Appreciation – Faith Janssen

My name is Faith Janssen and I’m the Serve Asia coordinator for OMF Taiwan. This means I am responsible for receiving short-term workers who are coming to Taiwan, making practical arrangements for their time here and making sure they are well cared for.

God Is Always at Work

If you had asked me earlier this year, I could have pointed to a few events and encounters as possible ‘confirmations’ that this was something God wanted me to do. So it seemed strange when just a couple of weeks later my plans had to be cancelled, or at least postponed.

Rock Shrine

“What is this?”, I asked an elderly grandmother. She said that it’s a rock shrine. “I didn’t know that people worshiped rocks in Taiwan. Is this true?” I asked. She said that honestly, she didn’t know the purpose of this structure. Calling another grandma over to us, we asked, “What is this?” She, too, said […]

Cram Schools

What do most Taiwanese kids do after school? Go to school.  Cram schools, as they are known, are big business here.  Here kids, even kids at the top of the class, will receive extra tutoring in math, English, and other subjects from private tutors. It’s common for kids to start in first grade, and by [...]

A Journey Worth Taking

Christine Dillon looks at how can we tell stories that can be understood by everyone—old and young, male and female, educated and uneducated—and help them see the Bible’s relevance. It provides pointers on how to choose a set of stories and includes a sample conversation to lead into the Zacchaeus story. Christine Dillon’s parents were OMFers [...]


David Eastwood offers insights through this account of how the Taiwan team was steered into developing the series of mini-Bibles to spread the gospel to the working class in Taiwan. David Eastwood has served as a church-planting missionary with OMF in Taiwan for twenty-three years. Last year he became the OMF Taiwan Field Director. He is a graduate of All Nations Christian College (UK), [...]

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