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8 October 2012

LOVE – Taiwan

Love – the heart of mission is loving people as Christ loved us.

A typical day in the life of one OMF worker in Taiwan.

Music by David Jansen

Produced by OMF Taiwan and SeetoPhotography

More from Taiwan

Finding Those to Lead

A promising start Young is a woman we met at the park. She had no previous knowledge of Christ. After much hesitation, she started attending our mother’s group and a class on interpersonal communication. She soon believed, was baptized, and became a fervent member of our church. After four years of evangelism, we finally had [...]

Chiayi’s biggest night market

One of the most common recreations in Taiwan is going to the night market. There are at least two types of night markets around. One kind has mostly food, clothing and other kinds of shopping. The other kind of night market has also includes a lot of games for both kids and adults alike. Our [...]

Making the most of our investments

Our missionaries are a big investment. It costs money for them to fly to Taiwan, to move things here, to learn the language and culture, to look after their health, to educate their children, enabling their ministries and assisting them to stay here and share God’s love with the Taiwanese people. Sometimes we can be [...]

Gua Sha

Before coming to Taiwan, we remember reading a missionary's experience of Gua sha (aka coining): "Excruciating (she would prefer childbirth!). The skin is left with red marks and bruising which fades after a few days but the treatment has proven very effective.” This is a popular treatment for ailments in Taiwan, but Hiwin never thought [...]

Church planting: What if no one comes?

It was a rainy, gloomy Sunday morning. We cleaned up our living room and set up some chairs. In faith, we anticipated one, perhaps two families to come and gather for the Puxin house church service. “What if no one, not one single person, came to church?” This was no longer just a thought provoking [...]

Diary: Visiting a temple

Our four short term workers (Serve Asia Workers - SAW) have worked with us for almost two weeks. As part of cultural learning, we are bringing them to a temple visit. 2:30pm Our SAW team arrives to the Temple of the Jaded World. Six groups of people are already here in the open front court, [...]

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