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8 October 2012

LOVE – Taiwan

Love – the heart of mission is loving people as Christ loved us.

A typical day in the life of one OMF worker in Taiwan.

Music by David Jansen

Produced by OMF Taiwan and SeetoPhotography

More from Taiwan

Gua Sha

Before coming to Taiwan, we remember reading a missionary's experience of Gua sha (aka coining): "Excruciating (she would prefer childbirth!). The skin is left with red marks and bruising which fades after a few days but the treatment has proven very effective.” This is a popular treatment for ailments in Taiwan, but Hiwin never thought [...]

Church planting: What if no one comes?

It was a rainy, gloomy Sunday morning. We cleaned up our living room and set up some chairs. In faith, we anticipated one, perhaps two families to come and gather for the Puxin house church service. “What if no one, not one single person, came to church?” This was no longer just a thought provoking [...]

Diary: Visiting a temple

Our four short term workers (Serve Asia Workers - SAW) have worked with us for almost two weeks. As part of cultural learning, we are bringing them to a temple visit. 2:30pm Our SAW team arrives to the Temple of the Jaded World. Six groups of people are already here in the open front court, [...]

How schools respond to emotional and social difficulties

We wish we learned earlier the importance of having a working relationship with a school's counselling department, and being able to gain wisdom from them. Role of school counselor Since coming to Puxin, we wanted to reach families. Most of the parents and the communities (and even churches) are often primarily concerned for their children's [...]

“Pigsy”, lust and the sex industry in Taiwan

One of the most surprising things I’ve seen in a tea shop (a place where men drink tea or alcohol with hostesses) is this god statue. Zhu Bajie (猪八戒) is a major character in the novel Journey to the West. Zhu means "swine". In many English versions of the story, Zhu Bajie is called "Pigsy" or "Pig". [...]

Drugs and odd jobs – The colourful life of a reform school boy

‘Kye’ is an indigenous boy from the west coast of Taiwan. Kye loves singing and writing songs. However, the Reform School is not a place to practice this hobby. Kye has 10 younger siblings and his dad has other children as well. Both parents have done time in jail. He’s actually only seen his dad […]

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