Jesus told us to take the good news to all nations. But how practical is that for many of us? As well as praying or giving, there are other ‘hands on’ ways to become directly involved in the Great Commission.

Engaging in Mission: Vision Trips

Whatever your age, God can use a short term mission trip to change your life.

Engaging in Mission: Young People

Encourage your church to get behind its young people, the investment can be life changing. Short term mission is one practical way of achieving this, often imparting a clear understanding of God's plan for His world and giving young people a deeply personal encounter with God. Engaging in Mission: Social MediaIt can be a struggle [...]

Engaging in Mission: Social Media

It can be a struggle to find practical ways of getting involved in the Great Commission. The advent of Social Networking has provided a tangible way to be involved even from thousands of miles away.

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