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Bleeding Out: A Testimony from the Shopworkers Church

When will the bleeding stop? He needs help. Chong-Kai has the genetic disorder hemophilia. It wasn’t his choice. He was born with it. With hemophilia it’s easy to bleed but difficult to stop. His blood cannot clot on it’s own. It’s easy to lose blood. Sometimes the bleeding is external. Sometimes internal. As a boy, Chong-Kai lives his life in fear.

Though Chong-Kai’s family does their best to look after him, he feels that he lives in death’s shadow. Often he hides in his bed, crying and thinking about the end of his life.

“If this life on earth has so little hope, how I can I go on living?” he asks himself.

An answer to life’s difficulties?

Chong-Kai finds his answer. He skips class at elementary school. He steals money from his mother. He wastes it on trivial things. He runs away from home.

Chong-Kai runs away from life.

An invitation

Yet, despite all this, Chong-Kai somehow manages to make it to senior high school. One night while at tutorials a classmate invites him to an event. Chong-Kai accepts.

At his classmates event Chong-Kai meets a pastor and his family. When meeting them an unexplainable warmth fills his heart and he feels mysteriously drawn to them.

Chong-Kai’s new hope

The pastor and other Christians lead Chong-Kai to believe in Jesus. They help him answer life’s difficult questions. They open their home to Chong-Kai, share their life with him, and care for him like he is family. In their family he sees what a Christian life is like through easy and difficult times. They read the Bible with him, pray with him, and bring him to evangelize and serve. Through this Chong-Kai matures in faith and commits himself to study at Bible college. Later he serves the churches as a preacher.

Even though Chong-Kai still has health struggles, he presses on with thankfulness. For in Jesus he has found life and light. Where once Chong-Kai had no hope, he now puts his hope in the name of Jesus!

Allan Tsai, Shopworkers Church
(Taipei, Northern Taiwan)

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