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Bible camps at the Aomori Christian Center

“I attended Bible camps at the Aomori Christian Center (ACC) from the time I was in 3rd grade all the way through my last year of high school. This brings back so many memories. It was also here that I first confessed: ‘I believe in Jesus.’ May this place be used of the Lord more and more in years to come!”

Reopened for Bible Camps.

This is one of many comments left on the ACC Facebook page we created. So many spiritual journeys begin at Bible camp. It is where many people meet Jesus for the first time, and where many young believers hear God’s calling to pastoral ministry or the mission field. This is true in Japan, too.

The Christian Center is an interdenominational institution that not only runs its own camp programs but also makes its facilities available to churches for their own programs, such as this Bible camp held by Aomori Baptist Church (in this case Luke was invited to be their guest speaker.)

This summer we had two campers who had never been to a church or a Christian program, and we were deeply encouraged to read their reflections on Kids’ Bible Camp:

“I was so happy that I was able to learn lots of things about God through the Bible messages and fun activities like the BBQ,” wrote one. “I want to read the whole Bible so that I can learn other things about God, too.”

The other wrote: “In the Bible message I heard for the first time that Jesus gave two fish and five loaves of bread to five thousand people and they were able to eat as much as they wanted. There are other things I learned for the first time, too . . . The Bible is a little difficult, but I would like to try reading all of it.”


Even (especially?) in the winter ACC is fun, fun, fun!

Praise God for how He has used this ministry for His glory’s sake, and please pray that ACC will continue to be a place where Japanese children meet Christ and grow in their faith.

Written by Luke.

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