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Benedict’s Story

Benedict comes from a rural Hani village in the Mekong region where there is no school. He attended boarding schools in other villages from a very young age. With the help of a sponsorship program, he was able to attend secondary school and ultimately completed college.
The sponsorship program is provided by a charity that sends a short-term team to visit the students every year. A few core team members have been visiting them for many years and have developed ongoing relationships with some students.
Benedict is working in a different province now. This year, when he heard the team was going to visit the schools, he made every effort to meet them. It is not easy for him to take days off and travel a long way home.
When they met, Benedict expressed his gratitude and insisted on inviting the team for dinner. During the conversation, one of the team members felt compelled to share with Benedict about the Bible and explained to him why and how we should read it. After dinner, a few brothers on the team took the opportunity to share the good news with him. The Holy Spirit had indeed prepared his heart and Benedict accepted Christ that evening.
Benedict also wanted to join the team in visiting his former school the next day. In the morning, when they started their team devotion, he came to their door. They explained to him that they would be looking at a passage in the Bible and he was pleased to join them. It was wonderful to see him engaged in the discussion. After the devotion, one of the team members helped him to download a Bible app onto his mobile phone. They encouraged him to read the Bible daily so that he may gain strength and wisdom through the word of God.
That day, they visited the school together and Benedict gave a hearty speech to encourage the students. Then he headed back to his work.

Will you pray for Mekong Minorities?
Please pray:
•    That Benedict will keep on reading the Bible, especially during his frequent work travels. Please bring other Christians into his life for fellowship.
•    That the church, when they see the fruit of their faithful ministry, may be encouraged, despite long-term challenges.
•    That the sponsored students, parents and school associates would be touched by the Holy Spirit so they may have the opportunity to receive Jesus as their Savior.

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