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A tale of two cities (Bangkok) – Part 2

What does it take for missionaries and pastors in Bangkok to stay long enough to make a difference? How can God’s servants be sustained in a city filled with noise, pollution, traffic jam, selfishness, separation and spiritual oppression? Two personal memories come to mind.

One is an image of me sitting in a coffee shop on a weekday morning after rushing off my kids to school. As I take a sip of coffee, I look out the window. A few meters away is a 12 lane highway, roaring with 18 wheeler container trucks cranking and speeding from Bangkok to the Eastern seaport. If any customer opens the shop door, the noise is deafening. Yet it is the only place that I can find solitude for an hour before my meetings. I try to read a book, meditate on Scripture, pray for my family, team members and church leaders. There in that busy coffee shop, I sense God’s presence. In spite of the hustle and bustle outside, I am renewed inwardly.

The second image is of a small group of God’s servants, sometimes just two or three of us. After reading from the Scripture, we share our joys and struggles. The sharing is genuine, because we have developed trust over the years. There is no fear of condemnation or comparison, just listening ears and heartfelt support for one another. There are people in this city that I can turn to for this kind of renewing fellowship—some are missionaries, and some are Thais.

These are two examples of how I am sustained in order to serve Jesus in this challenging city. The key is spiritual renewal. How can God’s workers in Bangkok experience personal ongoing revival? It involves more than good spiritual disciplines. Read my next blog if you are interested.

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David and Gladys Chang

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