What Bank Fees affect the different ways of giving?

  • Direct deposit (or Internet banking transfers) from your account have no fee to OMF
  • OMF direct debiting your bank account has no fee to OMF
  • Cheques made out to “OMF International” has no fee to OMF
  • OMF charging your credit card attracts a 1.8% fee to OMF
  • Cash donations have no fees

What is the Total Support Figure?

A Total Support Figure (TSF) is calculated for all workers (including those serving in Homeside roles) and shows the cost of keeping them in their ministry. Similarly to a church budget, the TSF represents more than just the “salary” of the worker. They ‘pray in’ this share of OMF’s funds.

The TSF, which is reviewed annually, includes:
• personal living and other expenses (which vary widely from country to country and according to family size and personal circumstances)
• personal ministry costs
• savings for home assignment living and travel costs
• superannuation
• a share in the cost of OMF’s overall ministry and administration

How can I support a particular worker?

Donors who intend to regularly support a worker can notify us of their pledged support. This will assist us in assessing the support levels of each worker.

Money received prior to a worker leaving for the field for the first time are used to pay pre-departure costs (including vaccinations, airfares, and psychological assessments). Once they commence their ministry, any surplus funds are retained as designated for the worker to support them when needed, usually over the first term of service.

What level of support do workers need?

All workers look to the Lord to supply the full amount needed to keep them in their ministry. This may come from home churches and friends. Undesignated gifts given to OMF are used to meet the needs of under-supported workers from the General Fund.

OMF International looks for evidence of financial support as a seal on a new worker’s call from God and a sign that their sending church and friends are in partnership with them.

Why do workers need support on Home Assignment?

Home Assignment is an essential component of a worker’s ministry, enabling them to connect with their partners in ministry in Australia. Workers need support during this period as OMF International continues to provide personal living costs. Due to the cost of living differences between many of our fields and Australia, workers will save for part of their home assignment while on the field.

What about remembering OMF International in my will?

OMF International has benefited greatly from legacies over the years. If you would like further information we would be happy to speak to you personally. Please contact our National centre.

Can I support a worker sent from another country?

The Australian office of OMF International is able to receive support or gifts on behalf of workers sent by other countries. Similarly, Australian workers can receive support or gifts through other OMF sending centres.

How can I find out about specific needs?

As an expression of our trust in God’s provision for our work, OMF workers are not authorised to make appeals for funds. But this does not mean we are committed to silence on matters of finance! We are always happy to answer questions or give clarification about the support level of any worker or about general financial matters. Individual workers are encouraged to share information on financial matters with people who are interested. We regularly issue financial reports to show God’s faithfulness and to keep our supporters well informed. Contact our Prayer Coordinator at au.prco@omfmail.com to receive prayer updates or sign up to specific newsletters.

What happens if a worker is over-supported?

If a worker is over-supported in a given year, some of the surplus support will be saved for future costs of that worker, and some will be shared across the workers in their field as needed. Each field has a policy designed to deal with this issue in the local context.

What about personal gifts?

Our finance system accommodates the provision of small personal gifts to workers (e.g. for birthdays and Christmas). Additionally, with the approval of the finance manager, assistance for other unusual expenses such as emergency medical costs and other unforeseen circumstances can occur through this channel. 100% of these types of donations are given to the member with no component deducted to cover ministry and administration costs.

However, this facility should not be used to bypass the normal support system outlined above.

Unless specifically marked as a personal gift, all money will be allocated to their support.

Are donations to OMF International in Australia tax deductible?

No, unfortunately donations made to OMF International in Australia are not tax deductible.

Our focus on evangelism generally limits our ability to obtain deductions under Australia’s income tax legislation.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact our office.

This rule is specific to Australia, so for clarification of the position of donations to OMF International in other countries, please confirm with your local OMF Office.