Partnering in The Task Unfinished

5x5x5 Prayer: Five Minutes, Five Days, Five Topics

We invite you to pray for partnership in the Task Unfinished —for just five minutes a day, for five days, for FIVE STRATEGIC AREAS. Your prayers will open doors for the gospel, transform situations and bring great glory to God.

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It’s been said that the ‘the Great Commission is too big for anyone to accomplish alone and too important not to try to do together.’

So partnership is a vital part of cross-cultural missions. Much more can be done together than if God’s people all go their separate ways and work independently. But good partnerships take time, effort and continued commitment if they are going to be fruitful and effective.

This is why we need to pray for gospel partnerships in every area, from sending out cross-cultural workers, to teams laboring together and partnerships with local churches. When done well, gospel partnership can be a great encouragement to all parties and itself be a good witness to the gospel as people see how Christians work with one another.

Day One


When cross-cultural workers are sent out with OMF they are sent out in a partnership between the organization and their sending churches. This partnership is vital for the workers’ effectiveness and also benefits their sending churches. Through good sending partnerships, the gospel is spread widely and God is glorified.

Lord, we give thanks for sending churches, partnering with members working cross-culturally. Help them to be good gospel partners, serving their members well, providing for their needs and helping them bear much fruit for you.
Lord, please help cross-cultural workers to partner well with their sending churches, both before and after they go out. Help them see ways they can serve and encourage these churches.
Lord, we pray for partnerships with Bible colleges and student organizations to bear much fruit. May these partnerships help raise awareness of the continued need for cross-cultural mission and help take the gospel to new people and places.

Day Two


The Apostle Paul was thankful for his co-laborers in the gospel who worked alongside him in planting churches and sharing the gospel. His letters also show there were sometimes difficulties and disagreements in these partnerships, but that by working together much more could be done for the spread of the gospel. Missionaries today still need prayer for good partnerships with their fellow workers.

Lord, thank you for how you bring together people with complimentary skills in your mission. Though one may plant and another water, it is you that gives the growth. Please make these seeds of the gospel grow.
Lord, we pray for missionaries to work together well and consider how they can best support one another in ministry.
Lord, we pray for increased fruitful cooperation between cross-cultural workers so that your kingdom would be built.

Day Three


Local Christians often have the personal skills that are essential for engaging with people in their communities. But it is often missionaries who can provide the vision, training and resources that local churches feel they are lacking. So when churches and missionaries partner together well, the gospel can be shared more widely and effectively.

Lord, we pray that missionaries and local Christians would want to work together and would see the benefits of partnering together.
Lord, please help local Christians and missionaries to partner together well. May cross-cultural workers enable and strengthen the initiatives of local Christians rather than always leading ministries themselves.
Lord, wise missionaries and churches see that they have much to learn from one another. We ask that missionaries and local Christians would be able to learn from each other and be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.

Day Four


Partnerships between Christian organizations are a great way of bringing people with different gifts and skills together to reach an unreached people group or location. But bringing the parties together can take a lot of time and effort and crosscultural partnerships bring extra challenges.

Lord, thank you for how you can use partnerships between different organizations to bring the good news about Jesus to new people and places. Please help leaders as they look at partnerships to invest in.
Lord, may there be good attention to detail in developing partnerships between different organizations so that they can be as effective and fruitful as possible.
Lord, we pray that organizations would be willing to put in the effort to develop lasting, fruitful gospel partnerships. Please help these partnerships to be sustained beyond the initial enthusiasm for them, that they would bear much fruit.

Day Five


A shared vision and mission can bring Christians together, but shared biblical values are needed to keep a partnership together in changing circumstances. As partnerships develop, tensions may emerge that need to be resolved. And as partnerships are watched by the wider community, good biblical partnerships can be an excellent witness to the goodness of the gospel.

Lord, we pray that each missionary who wants to partner with others will regularly examine their own life and spiritual health in order to be a good gospel partner.
Lord, where tensions emerge in partnerships, we ask that these would be resolved well through prayer and that reconciliation would be the objective. —–
Lord , we pray that all gospel partnerships will be a powerful testimony of Christian love to those who observe them. Please help gospel partners to be self-effacing and Christ-exalting.
Lord, thank you that you are the God who gives endurance and encouragement. Please give gospel partners the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had, so that with one mind and one voice they may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 15:5-6).

Next Steps

Is God drawing you to more focused prayer or involvement in gospel partnerships? Consider these next steps you could take:

LEARN. Discover more about our partnerships by visiting
GO. Is God leading you to serve East Asia’s unreached peoples personally? For more information visit the OMF Opportunities site.
PARTNER. OMF’s long-term workers in East Asia are committed to sowing seeds of the gospel among unreached peoples. Partnering with a worker is an amazing way to see God’s work unfold in real-time. Visit the Contact page to request more information from your local center.