The next OMF Mission Workshops Day will be on the 26th June 2021 in Melbourne.

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Location: Victoria & Western Australia (either at a venue provided by you or at the OMF office)
Cost: Free

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→ (03) 9898 9922

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✦ Six mission workshops

✦ Small or large groups: 6-50 people (no limit to group size for The Unfinished Task and Invisible Team workshops)

✦ Suitable for adults, and youth

✦ Each workshop takes 50 minutes

✦ Available in English, Mandarin and Cantonese

Ever wondered what mission is really like? Ride through the ups and downs missionaries face every day. Navigate your way through security, political and bureaucratic entanglements in sensitive contexts. Discover what makes ‘inconsequential’ jobs essential. Make tough decisions on unthinkable moral and ethical questions. Explore the global state of mission today. Cross cultures and make hilarious (and not so hilarious) mistakes. OMF Mission Workshops let you explore the realities of mission work from the comfort of your home or church.

Training Options

  • Three 2 hr sessions
  • Two 3 hr sessions
  • One Day training – complete all 6 workshops on the same day.

The Mission Workshops:


The Unfinished Task

Where else does the gospel need to go?

Do you know what the global state of mission is today? How much of the world is still yet to hear the good news about Jesus, and why? Are we sending workers where they are needed most? Be challenged by this interactive, thought-provoking presentation.


Ups and Downs

What’s really involved in cross-cultural church planting?

What does it take to plant a growing church in another culture? How does prayer support or the lack of it impact the ministry and life of the church planter? Experience the joys and trials of church planting through this evidence-based board game.


Secret Message

How can you share the gospel where it’s not welcome?

Imagine you are living in a foreign land hostile towards the gospel. How would you navigate your way through the security, political and bureaucratic entanglements in such a context to share about Jesus? Let your faith and courage be challenged through this role play.


Culture Shock

Why is crossing cultures harder than it looks?

How does it feel to be immersed in another culture where subtle unspoken rules are hard for outsiders to know? What assumptions do we have about ‘other cultures’? Find out how you might handle crossing cultures in this card game.


Home and Away

What happens between the ‘sender’ and the ‘sent’?

What decisions do missionaries need to make on the field? How can their sending church know of their ministry and needs? What role do mission agencies play? Investigate the dynamics and the vital role of effective communication between mission partners.


Invisible Team

Who are the VIPs behind every missionary and their ministry?

What does it take for a missionary to get to the field? Who are the people behind-the-scenes that enable them to serve effectively long-term? Discover the people, the talents, and the perseverance needed to make up this critical invisible team.