OMF National Library

The OMF National Library is a shared resource designed to enable OMF homestaff, staff, candidates, appointees, applicants, volunteers and other long term OMF partners to undertake reading and research into mission practice, history and biography. The Library is located at the OMF National Office, 18-20 Oxford St, Epping NSW, Sydney

The Candidate Collection

A specific collection for the spiritual and practical equipping of OMF applicants, appointees and candidates as they explore mission, undertake deputation and prepare for the field.

Specific topics to this collection include:

  • Field specific resources
  • Global and Asian mission history
  • Missionary member care issues
  • Partnership development
The General Collection

A collection for raising general awareness of and equipping for engagement in mission with OMF in Australia, including all OMF personnel as well as volunteers, alumni, National Council members, inquirers, and researchers.

Topics in this collection include:

  • Prayer (all OMF prayer guides and resources, including field specific prayer guides)
  • Biography (missionary biographies usually missions to Asia, not limited to but inclusive of those written by and about OMF missionaries)
  • Spiritual growth (theological books, Bible studies, and courses, particularly written by OMF personnel)
The Reserve Collection

A repository of original and exclusive archive material pertaining to OMF mission history for the use of current and future generations. It includes OMF mission journals such as Mission Round Table, East Asia’s Millions and East Asia’s Billions.

How can I borrow books? Membership with the OMF National Library

How do I apply for library membership?

To borrow books, please apply for library membership via our on-line application form. Alternatively, email us at

You will receive an email from Librarika with the subject line “Invitation To Join OMF National Library.”

If you have any questions about the instructions in the email, please contact


How do I find books?

Browse our shelves or search the online OMF National Library catalogue. You can search by title, author, subject, keyword.

For example, a search for a book titled Cross Cultural Partnerships would yield this result:

The “Call No” describes where to find the book in the library.

  • “Candidate” refers to the Candidate Collection.
  • “CU” refers to the section within the Candidate Collection (in this instance, Crossing Cultures).
  • “LED” refers to the first few letters of the author’s surname.


How do I borrow books?

  • In person at the office: Remove the books you’d like to borrow from the shelf. Email a photo of the books you’re borrowing to
  • Over email/phone: Please note that the cost of posting the books will be at your own expense, and generally only for those who live outside Sydney or under extraordinary circumstances. Please email your name, address, and title(s) of the books you wish to borrow.


How many books can I borrow?

Up to 10 – please borrow only what you expect to be able to read within the borrowing time limit.


How long can I borrow books?

For those who live in Sydney – 1 month

For those who live outside of Sydney – up to 3 months

Please let us know if you anticipate you may need the book(s) for a longer period of time via email


Can I buy copies of the books in the library?

Many of the books in the library are available for purchase at the OMF bookshop.

You may browse our online bookstore or contact with a request for a particular title(s).


What if I lose a book?

Please notify us as soon as possible. Please arrange payment for the book by calling the office on 02 9868 4777 or email

I love books! Getting involved with the OMF National Library

Become a member

Complete our on-line application form to register your interest in becoming a member or to check if you’re already a member. Alternatively, please email


Sign up to receive updates on new books and other library news

Library members receive email updates when new books are added (working title: OMF National Library Update – we would welcome any creative suggestions!).


Volunteer with the OMF National Library team

We love working with others who love books!

Please contact the OMF National Library team at to inquire or register your interest.


Write a book review

Please email if you’d like to submit a book review for publication in the OMF National Library Update. Some review ideas include:

  • What you found helpful/insightful about the book (especially regarding: preparing for mission, living on the field, spiritual growth, spiritual warfare)
  • A couple of quotes from the book that stood out in particular to you (this gives potential readers an idea for the writer’s style)
  • What you found unique about the book that you have not found in others (eg: covers research into a particular unreached people group that was previously unknown)
  • A brief list and summary of topics the book covered that you found especially useful, and how (particularly helpful for ‘how to’ or large textbooks – to help others navigate through what is especially pertinent within them!)
  • Things you expected to find in the book, but did not; things you would have wanted covered


Donate books

We would welcome new and relevant resources to add to our collection*. If you are writing a mission-related resource yourself, we’d love to hear about it!

*Please note that any additions to the Candidate Collection will be at the discretion of the Candidate Coordinator.


Recommend books

We would love to hear from you regarding any excellent books that may be helpful for training in mission! Please email with the following details:

  • Title
  • Author
  • A few lines regarding what you found helpful/insightful about the book

While it would be ideal to procure all helpful recommendations, please note that any additions will be at the discretion of the OMF National Library Team.