Location: Victoria & Western Australia (either at a venue provided by you or at the OMF office)
Cost: Free

For more info or to book a workshop contact us at:

(03) 9898 9922

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  • Six engaging interactive workshops exploring different aspects of mission through activities, games, role plays, guided debrief and discussion.

  • Experience many aspects of cross-cultural work, and appreciate missional issues such as different roles in missions, realities of church planting, cross-cultural contextualisation, creative ministries, partnership and more.

  • Designed for small or large groups; 3 to 50 people; no limit to group size for workshop 1 and 6.

  • Suitable for adults and children above 12.

  • Available in English and Mandarin.

Training Options

  • Three 2 hr sessions
  • Two 3 hr sessions
  • One Day training – complete all 6 workshops on the same day.



1. People Chain: Partners in Kingdom work

  • Appreciate the state of the gospel in the world and where the unreached peoples are
  • Understand the different roles and their significance within a support team


2. Church Planting Game: Experience cross-cultural church planting ministry

  • Encounter the many ups and downs missionaries face on the field
  • Choose to focus on church plant in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Philippines or Cambodia.


3. SEED Game: Sharing the gospel in a CAN (Creative Access Nation)

  • Experience the dynamics of sharing the gospel in a sensitive context where the Christian message is not welcomed
  • Grapple with the security issues workers face in a CAN


4. Decision Game: Choices and expectations on the field

  • Experience some of the decisions Christian workers have to make on the field
  • Recognise some of the pressures and challenges in making those decisions


5. Same but Different: Feel the stretch in contextualisation

  • Experience the difficulties of contextualization through a card game played without talking.
  • Appreciate the need to understand other cultures and to bring the gospel in an relevant way.


6. Creative Ministry: Unconventional ways to reach the unreached

  • Explore the need to creatively build bridges to unreached communities
  • Expand your mind with a case study in Japan – karaoke and street dance!