The OMF Mission Conference is on 4th September at 2 McNabb Loop, Como

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Date: Saturday, 4th September
Time: 8:45am – 4:45pm
Location: Lifestreams Christian Church, 2 McNabb Loop, Como
Cost: Free will offering

Registrations Close 30 August

Parking:Free on site church parking

Public Transport: Yes

✦ Creche is also available for children up to the age of ten during main sessions and electives


8.45–9.15am: Registration

9.15–10.30am: Main Session

10.30–11.00am: Morning Tea

11.00–11.40am: Sharing & Prayer Time

11:40am–12.40pm: Elective 1

12:40–1.45pm: Lunch

1.45–2.45pm: Elective 2

2.45–3.15pm: Afternoon Tea

3.15–4.20pm: Main Session

4.20–4.45pm: Wrap up

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As we face more uncertainty in 2021, it is easy to take a step back from situations we can’t control. Yet, as God’s people, we have unfinished business. Join us as we investigate the book of Haggai and the challenge God presents: to put His plans ahead of our own. This isn’t a conference for the faint-hearted – hard questions await. What is holding you back? What risks will you take? Explore how you can be a part of God’s plan in the midst of the challenges we face in an uncertain world.

“Is it a time for you yourselves to live in your panelled houses, while this house lies in ruins? Now, the Lord of Hosts says this: “Think carefully about your ways.” Haggai 1:4-5

Keynote Speakers


Phil & Irene Nicholson

Time to Build
Phil and Irene have been serving with OMF in Taiwan since 1992. They have 3 adult sons who grew up in Taiwan, but now are working in Australia and in England. Previously they have worked with university students and also in mission leadership.

Phil is currently involved in preaching and training ministries, equipping church leaders to understand and faithfully teach God’s word. A lot of his time he is seconded to Langham Preaching, training pastors and church leaders across 9 countries in East Asia. 

Irene wears a number of different hats. She is Mobiliser for the Taiwan field, leading a team that produces resources (social media, website, videos, etc) to make the needs of Taiwan known around the world. Irene also leads the Pre-Home Assignment Workshop, a 2 week training course that helps missionaries prepare for returning to their home countries, helping them develop partnerships with their sending churches and plan how to have fruitful Home Assignments.

Phil also enjoys cycling around the hills of Taiwan, and Irene is often found cooking for fun and for ministry. When they are not working and able to travel, they also both like to scuba dive.



Johan Linder, OMF Australia National Director

Using your profession in missions
Christian professionals can access countries and people groups that a full-time missionary cannot. Working as a professional in the marketplace can open doors to share the Good News of Jesus in some amazing ways. Hear stories and reflect on how God can use professional skills to cross cultures.

Irene Nicholson

Six stages of church planting
When starting a church plant from scratch, what are the different stages which missionaries need to consider and plan for? What is the end point for a church plant to be considered mature? We will interact together on this topic in this workshop.

Phil Nicholson

Helping East Asians Find Jesus
What draws people to want to know and believe in Jesus? We will look at the types of things that lead people to Christ in East Asia (with a focus on ethnic Chinese people). Whether on the mission field, or with our neighbours in Australia, we will discuss what we can do to help facilitate this process.

Irene & Phil Nicholson

Mercy ministries a help or a hindrance?
There is a great interest in mercy ministries (sex trafficking, AIDS work, orphanages etc), but how do these relate to world evangelism and are they a help, a hindrance or competition to the work of spreading the gospel?

Vaughan and Cathy Pirie

Serving missionaries both at home and abroad
Cross cultural workers experience many challenges and stresses as they live and minister overseas. In order for them to thrive in their missionary service, the church back home needs to know how to support and serve them. Find out how to care and serve your missionary well by attending this elective.

David Liaw

Preparing for Long Term Missions
Preparing for long term missions may seem daunting and a long journey. You want to be prepared adequately but you also want to be out in the field without unnecessary delay. So what is essential? What can you leave out?


P.A.W. (Pray Around the World)
Would you like to travel to some of the least-reached areas around the globe? Are you keen to see the Spirit begin church-planting movements in those regions? You are invited to embark on an intercessory prayer journey to partake in this global movement.

Christine Dillon

Telling the Gospel through Stories
In our current post-modern, anti-Christian world, bible storying is usually more effective than most other forms of apologetics or evangelistic presentations. Storying provides solid biblical foundations so listeners can understand, apply and respond to the gospel, and then go on to fruitful maturity in God’s service. Come and learn to tell Bible stories to allow God to touch people’s hearts and draw them to himself.