When: 7:30 – 9:30pm on the Third Thursday of the month (Feb-Nov)
Location: Online
Cost: FREE
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Contact, 0434 681 430 (Luba)

Have you got an interest in seeing the gospel shared across cultures and with unreached people groups?

Have you been on a short-term mission trip, or are you exploring going on one? Are you keen to learn about or prepare for intentional cross-cultural ministry? Do you already have experience in mission work and want to share it with others?

Infusion is a monthly gathering of people with growing hearts and minds for cross-cultural mission. Each time we discuss an aspect of cross-cultural life and ministry (often one you aren’t likely to hear at church or bible college), consider what the Bible teaches us about it, and draw insight and inspiration from those with experience. All this happens around some fantastic dessert!

Come to Infusion to learn, be encouraged by like-minded friends and discover more of God’s invitation into his mission.

Coming up…

Feb 18 | Grounded
Waiting without a timeline is painful – but all we know we need to make the most if it. Now that we are all grounded from travelling, what can we do to prepare for cross-cultural ministry? Surely there is more than just online learning! Join us to explore the necessary groundwork – that can be done anywhere and anytime – for those who want to be effective in mission.
Contact Luba on for the zoom link.