Investing in Interns (Video & Discussion Questions Resource)

We invest in Taiwanese interns, who in turn invest their lives in the Taiwanese working class. Each year we receive Taiwanese seminary students as interns in our ministry teams.

Kevin – seminary intern with Puxin Christian Church

Taiwanese working class men may struggle with substance abuse, family breakdown, and mental health issues. It is encouraging for a Taiwanese working class man to see another Taiwanese working class Christian overcome these challenges.

Watch the video below to see how we learn and serve the working class people of Taiwan together.

You can download this video from Vimeo. Please feel free to use it in church meetings and prayer groups.

Discussion questions for individuals or small groups:

Missionaries can find it difficult to reach Taiwanese working class men. It is often culturally more effective when Taiwanese working class men reach other Taiwanese working class men.

1. What factors might make it difficult to reach working class men?

2. What did Kevin learn from serving at Puxin Christian Church?

3. How did Kevin benefit the local ministry at Puxin Christian Church?

4. How can your church invest in people who do not seem to make any spiritual progress?

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Hear Kevin’s responses to other questions:

Who should do an internship with OMF Taiwan?

What have you learnt?

What is a challenge in ministry?

Hear Jason’s response to other questions:

Why do we need local Christian teammates?

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