Guest Home Manager, Philippines

Arrivals: Nicole Harvey

My role is hard to describe. No two days are the same. There are rhythms and routines – guests arrive and depart, meals are prepared, washing is done, and staff schedules confirmed. Maintenance and repairs are never-ending in a humid, polluted megacity. I often say, “My people group are missionaries. I am a person with a heart to serve people in ministry.”

Hospitality ministry also comes with an element of unpredictability. As I write, two co-workers come by my office at different times, wanting to debrief their day. I stop what I’m doing and fight the urge to get things done.  I practice being present and choose to pray with them. I am reminded of the guest home’s mission to resource people to thrive in ministry and Christian community.

There is a need to care for those who labor to meet the varied and vast spiritual needs of this island nation. I have recently been encouraged by Philippians 2:25, in which Paul expresses his thanks to the church for sending Epaphroditus to tend his needs. Likewise, God sent me to care for the needs of our co-workers, our fellow soldiers, our siblings-in-Christ living and serving in the Philippines.

Pray for Nicole and the Philippines

  • Millions of Filipinos are young Christians who need to be discipled. Pray for the Lord to send workers to disciple Filipinos in their faith.
  • 82% of Filipinos still need to hear the gospel in a meaningful way. Half of the Philippines’ 42,000 communities lack a church. Pray for thriving churches that reach out to others.
  • Pray for Nicole on home assignment in Melbourne, as she seeks to discern God’s gifting in those around her and encourage them to live for His glory.

3 tips for serving in the Philippines

  • Embrace celebrations which invest time and speaks to the value of relationships
  • Practice a posture of prayer
  • Always choose to collaborate in ministry (and life)

The Guest House
This poem about Nicole’s ministry was written by Miriam Dale, a friend of Nicole’s who, in her words, “has been playing with words, rhythm, and the big questions of life for over a decade.”

Creation of a home away from home:
Trav’lling far from shapes and lines that define
We bring snippets of familiar things we’ve known
Hold tight our sense of self in place and time.

The Traveller is lost and found each day
By all the new and same things that they see
The more things change, the more they stay the same
But strangeness cuts us all adrift, fearf’lly.

Some thrive, others crave rest for weary feet
And all need space to hide away awhile
Seeking the urgencies of food and sleep
And no less urgent, words to seed a smile

The hostess holds them all in tender hand:
Makes home away from home, in a new land.

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