Finance Update: Nothing more and nothing less

“How can we support OMF?” This is the sort of question I get asked as I serve in the OMF finance team. It is such a privilege to meet people wanting to partner with OMF and our missionaries. I am deeply touched by this beautiful relationship—one they share in Jesus. Such partnership is godly, missional and biblical; we see an example in God’s Word between Paul and the Philippian church (Phil 4:10-20).  

The secret of joy and contentment

From the beginning of his letter (Philippians 1:3-6), Paul expresses how much joy he has whenever he thinks about this church and prays for them. He was joyful for their hearts and their partnership; his was the joy of a pastor who sees his church working hard and in unity to take part in the work of the gospel.  

When Paul wrote this letter, one of his objectives was to inform the church about his situation and express his appreciation for their support. He also used this opportunity to nurture them pastorally, teaching them the secret of being content in any and every situation: his trust and faith in God (4:11-13).  

We cannot neglect the fact that while there was a strong partnership between Paul and the Philippians, he clearly urged the church to remember that it was God who kept his heart content. It was God who always provided for him and gave him the strength to continue with his ministry. 

A fragrant offering

Being part of the OMF finance team, I get to witness a lot of mission partnerships. It gives me great joy in the Lord to see donations regularly come in to meet the needs of our missionaries.  

It is not the money that matters. It is the miracle that different churches and Christians from all walks of life partner in the work of the kingdom through OMF; that the Holy Spirit has called them to take part in mission in this way 

So, this truly is the work of God. This is the reason why Paul says it was good for the Philippian church to share in his troublesbecause the support they provided was a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, and pleasing to God. 

Full provision

As we entered 2024, I cannot remember how many times throughout the previous year I had looked at our financial situation, wondering whether our missionaries would receive enough support to meet their needs. I am very thankful to say that God provided what we needed to get through the year! 

Day by day, month by month, God has shown me how gracious and loving He is. Through the partnership with our supporters, He has provided us enough to continue the work for His kingdom; enough to sustain our workers 

I am thankful for each person’s willingness to partner with OMF. It is very encouraging to see the work of the Holy Spirit in people’s hearts. Most importantly, it makes our ministry meaningful. Let’s pray that the work that we do is for His glory forever and evernothing more and nothing less. 

Edwin Lee
OMF Australia Finance Manager 

Written by Edwin Lee, OMF Australia Finance Manager 

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