OMF Mission Conference (WA): Passion for the Lost

Date: 07 Sep, 2024
Time: 8:30 am
- 2:00 pm
Location: Subi Church, 260 Bagot Road, Subiaco WA 6008



Adults: $30
Students: $15 

– Register by 3rd August for early bird discount ($20 for adults, $10 for students)
Registrations Close Sunday 1st September 
– Please note: there is no children’s program or childcare provided

“Passion for the Lost”

A day of teaching from Phil Nicholson of Langham Preaching and OMF Taiwan
Jesus declared his disciples would be ‘witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth’ (Acts 1:8). The need and imperative to do so remains the same, and yet our context is vastly different. How are the words of Acts still relevant and applicable today? What might it look like for you to have a passion for the lost? Come and join to hear from Phil Nicholson on the topic: ‘Passion for the Lost’. What might this look like for you to have a passion for the lost? As part of a community – from a couple of friends to your small group, church or community organisation – how might you live out your first love for Christ? Come and join us as we hear inspiring messages from the Bible, hear from missionaries, enjoy fellowship and pray for God’s work in East Asia at #PassionForTheLost.

About Phil & Irene Nicholson
Phil and Irene have been serving with OMF in Taiwan since 1992. They have 3 adult sons who grew up in Taiwan, but now are working in Australia and in England. Previously they have worked with university students and also in mission leadership, with Phil being the OMF Taiwan Field Director for 10 years.
Phil is currently involved in preaching and training ministries, equipping church leaders to understand and faithfully teach God’s word. A lot of his time he is seconded to Langham Preaching, training pastors and church leaders across 9 countries in East Asia.

Irene wears a number of different hats. Irene leads the Pre-Home Assignment Workshop, a 2 week training course that helps missionaries prepare for returning to their home countries, helping them develop partnerships with their sending churches and plan how to have fruitful Home Assignments. She is also involved in mobilising people into mission for Taiwan and more widely for OMF.

Phil also enjoys cycling around the hills of Taiwan, and Irene is often found cooking for fun and for ministry. When they are not working and able to travel, they also both like to scuba dive.



8:30am: Registration
Talk One
Electives, choose one of:
– Drawing People to the Gospel – Phil
– The Weird Missionary – Irene
– God’s Guidance into missions – David
10:40: Morning Tea
Elective, choose one of:
– The World of Spirits – Irene
Mission Journey: Obstacles and Challenges – Sally
– MythBusters on Short Term Missions – Pat
– Self Care for Missionaries – Rob
Talk Two
: Lunch


Drawing people to the gospel with Phil Nicholson, Langham Preaching and OMF Taiwan
What is it that draws people to the gospel? Throughout East Asia, people hear the gospel with various religious worldviews in mind, influenced by Buddhism and ancestor worship. What are the main things you’ll need to consider when you want to share the gospel with East Asians from strong religious backgrounds? In this seminar, Phil will draw on over 30 years of mission experience in preaching and teaching to outline key factors to think and pray about as you seek to
connect East Asians with Jesus.

“The Weird Missionary…Will that be me?” with Irene Nicholson, OMF Mobiliser
Are all missionaries weird? If you become a missionary, will you become one of those people who can only talk about Jesus and nothing else? Will it be possible for you to be friends with people who aren’t missionaries?
How can you live a holy life and not be seen as ‘holier-than-thou’? With decades of cross-cultural mission experience, Irene will bring her sense of humour and realness to this topic of identity that is often thought about but rarely discussed. Discover how
missionaries are called to be different and set apart—yet also relative and relatable—all at the same time.

Ends of the Earth: The World of Spirits with Irene Nicholson, OMF Mobiliser
Ghost stories, evil spirits, battles in the spiritual realm…We’re used to thinking of such things being the stuff of fiction and fantasy. Yet the spiritual world is real, and there are many throughout Asia who fear and are ruled by spirits that aim to steal, kill and destroy. Deepen your understanding of this world, hear stories of lives throughout Asia steeped in this reality – and learn how you can share the freeing, life-giving fact that the most powerful One of all the spirits is the Holy Spirit.

Mythbusters : Short-term mission trips with Pat Seet, OMF WA Serve Asia Coordinator

What exactly are short-term mission trips? Aren’t they just “vacations with a purpose”? Short-term trips are only for those seriously considering becoming long-term missionaries! What impact can someone possibly
make in just a few weeks in a new country and culture? Short-term teams and individuals are draining on the host missionaries and only benefit the short-termers! If you’ve ever wondered about these questions and comments, then join Pat, an OMF short term-missions coordinator, and delve into what short-term missions is and is not, what the Bible has to
say about it and hear from some short-term alumni and their stories.

How do I know that God is guiding me into missions? With David Liaw, OMF Australia
We are all called to be witnesses for Jesus. But how do you know God’s leading you to cross-cultural mission, whether overseas or where you are? Is mission even for everyone? If not, do you wait for a lightning bolt, a voice from heaven, or a feeling in your gut? When things get hard or doors close does it mean you made a mistake? Explore how God’s Word reveals different ways He leads people into mission with David, former missionary to Cambodia. Learn from his 12 years of mission experience the unpredictable—yet consistent—ways God leads and provides for His work.

Mission journeys: obstacles and challenges with Sally, OMF Australia Mission Mobiliser
Serving the Lord in mission is probably one of the most exciting journeys you’ll ever experience. You’ll learn a new language and culture, meet interesting people, and see God work beyond what you can ask for or imagine (even if at the time, it didn’t feel that way!). There are, however, many obstacles along this path. There will be frustrations, griefs and losses. How do you navigate challenges so that you remain faithful and uncompromising to God’s call to follow Him? With over ten years of cross-cultural experience in East Asia, Sally will share insights from her own journey.

Self-Care for Missionaries with Rob Cain, WA Member Care Coordinator
As missionaries, we’re tempted to pour our hearts and lives into others without caring for ourselves. Isn’t this what gospel ministry is about — offering ourselves as living sacrifices so that people may be saved? And yet, do our ministries reflect the example Jesus set for us? Developing and sustaining a lifestyle of gospel ministry that is in line with the whole of God’s Word is challenging amidst the pressures we may feel to perform. Drawing from nearly 40 years of ministry experience as a missionary in East Asia and a pastor in Perth, Rob Cain will be sharing his experiences and insights on how to run the marathon race of ministry so that we strike a healthy balance between loving God, people, our families and ourselves. 

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