Church planting in Japan

Arrivals: Alex and Naomi Fung

We’ve spent the last four years working in Yokohama in Japan, involved in community outreach through personal relationships, a local church, and as part of a church planting team. Alex also serves as a mobiliser with OMF Japan and I (Naomi) have been involved in facilitating OMF’s international training courses. Our daughter Eliana has made friends in the park, at church, and at local Japanese preschool.

It has been interesting to see how God has redirected us. Time and again, we might have thought we were going to be doing one thing, but then He’s led us to something else that he has prepared us for!

We’ve been amazed by the way He has brought us into contact with new people. Online connections during the pandemic have led to opportunities for Alex to mutually encourage and serve with Christian creatives – for instance, in filming testimonies of Japanese Christians for use in evangelism, and producing media for Japanese artists. I have found that conversations with mothers at the park can lead to a continuing relationship and even their visiting church or church events!

Admittedly, relationship and trust-building in Japan is slow-going. There are strong social expectations of conformity and reserve. Sometimes we’ve been disappointed by people who showed interest in Jesus suddenly relocating. We’ve been learning to listen to God’s leading and to trust His timing. We trust God to work through us for a time, then others later; that God will keep drawing Japanese people to Himself.

We’ve had some special opportunities to communicate God’s grace in our community, where people feel weighed down by others’ expectations or pressured to try harder. There have been times when people have shared struggles with us that they would have been uncomfortable sharing with fellow Japanese people. This has given us opportunity to share our hope in Jesus, who walks with us through our struggles.

Pray for the Fungs and their ministry in Japan

  • Pray for Alex and Naomi during their home assignment in Australia. Pray as they connect with their church and mission partners, and for refreshment and insights as they reflect on the past and make plans for their next term.
  • Give thanks for the church Alex and Naomi served with in Yokohama, and all they were able to learn from the Japanese pastoral team. Pray for the church as they continue outreaches for children, the elderly and people with disabilities, as well as discipling and growing their members.
  • Pray for OMF’s training and development program to effectively equip workers. Pray for mobilisation initiatives in Japan and beyond as people are invited to join in mission.

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