Pray for Vietnam

The peoples of Vietnam are some of the least reached in Asia. Pray that this nation would be transformed as the good news of Jesus Christ extends to all peoples and segments of society.


The majority of Christians in Vietnam come from the minority peoples but the majority Viet Kinh (over 75 million people) has only 500,000 believers. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open their hearts!


The capital Hanoi, with a population of 7 million has less than 0.1% evangelical believers. While Ho Chi Minh City,  with a population of 8-10 million, has nearly 2%, pray for the challenges and opportunities that these very different situations bring. It is increasingly easy for foreigner workers to be based in Vietnam, pray for people of faith to go.


The country is changing very rapidly and becoming increasingly globalised. The values of younger generations have become ambition and individualism. Pray that there would be increasing opportunities to tell them about Jesus. Pray for the ongoing spiritual battle as ancestors are worshiped.


Pray for revival in the 100 year old evangelical church. May the church grow in outreach to their local communities and pray the gospel would be seen as well as heard as lives are changed. Because of traditional belief Vietnamese Christians accept God as creator but pray they would also know him as Father an be sure of His grace, received through Jesus.

Stories from Vietnam

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