About Vietnam


  • 94 million (2016)
    • 5th largest in East Asia
    • 14th in the world
  • Population growth ~1 million/year
  • 42 million motorbikes or scooters


  • Ancestor Worship: 85%
  • Buddhism: 65%
  • Non-religious/other: 35%
  • Animist: 10%
  • Roman Catholic 7.6%
  • Evangelicals 1.8% (but 75% are among the minorities)
  • Muslim (Cham): 0.1%

Vietnam is a vibrant growing country.  With a population of 94 million people (2016) it is the 14th largest.  Most of the people (80million) are ethnic Vietnamese.  Among them the church is small but growing steadily.  However, only 1% of those in South know Christ and only 0.05% of those in the North.  Among some of the minorities, the gospel has spread rapidly.  But among others, there are hardly any Christians at all.  Prayer makes a difference.  Join in praying specifically for this country and all its peoples, to have the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.  Pray for greater growth of the church among the majority Vietnamese population as individuals and families are transformed.