Dark blue sky over Ho Chi Minh City, VIetnam.

What is God doing among the people of Vietnam, one of the most unreached people groups in the world?

A birds eye view of motorbike riders as they make their way through the city.
Clothes hung out to dry in a Tay village in Cao Bang, Vietnam.

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It is said that the number of foreign Christians in Japan is almost the same as the number of Japanese Christians, only a small number of those are missionaries. What’s God doing in Japan?

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After several years in Vietnam Tina had the opportunity to get involved in a small local church. Like many newer churches in the city, the members of the church were largely students and young people who had become followers of Jesus in the last two or three years. In fact Vietnam has a very young [...]

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What does sharing the Good News look like in Vietnam? For Kate* this has meant moving to a suburb of the city where she works in order to be part of a small, local church and participate in the life of that fellowship. With the intention of sharing the gospel in all its fullness at [...]