Young Taiwanese people shelter under umbrellas

Many Taiwanese chase their dreams by going overseas for study or work. Taiwanese people are in many parts of the world, possibly even in your own neighborhood.

The OMF Diaspora Ministry website contains resources to help you reach out to Taiwanese people living in your area.

Sharing a meal with Taiwanese people

Many Taiwanese come to faith while overseas. They are friendly and often open to new ideas. Many are simply looking for friends and a place to belong.

Taiwanese are pragmatic people and most believe in variety of gods. They value relationships often only revealing their hearts after a genuine friendship has been built. Last but not least, Taiwanese people love to eat!

Here are some ideas for reaching out to overseas Taiwanese:

  • invite them over for a meal

  • go out for coffee

  • take them to a local place of interest or out into the countryside

  • help them in practical ways (filling in official forms etc.)

  • share what Jesus has done in your life and how God helps you day-to-day

  • invite them to church (Christmas and Easter are good)

  • offer to read the Bible with them in English

  • introduce them to Taiwanese christians or local christians who have lived in Taiwan

  • give them a Bible (preferably bilingual) and encourage them to read in both languages


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