Those involved in missions are ordinary people who allow themselves to be used by God. How can God use you to help bring the gospel to the unreached people of Taiwan?

Serve Asia

2 weeks – 12 months

Serve Asia is our short-term program designed for participants to discover how God works in different contexts and how He can use you in ways you had never imagined! Come and see and learn with your own eyes what cross-cultural missions look like.


1 – 3 years

Our associate program allow for a fuller appreciation of life as a missionary. Associates have time to learn the language and understand the heart of the Taiwanese. It also provides better opportunities to make lasting contributions.


4+ years

Although short-term placements have an important role in missions, we believe that the greatest impact comes when we invest in people and communities for the long haul. Members learn the language and culture, build deep relationships and demonstrate through love that Taiwan and Taiwanese people matter —not only to them, but also to God.

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