We believe that specific, timely prayers contribute to God’s work in Taiwan.




30 Day Prayer Guide

Prayer guide for Taiwan's working class

Thirty true stories about the spiritual needs of Taiwanese working class people.

Taiwan’s Working Class

New prayer guide for reaching Taiwan's working class

Specific ways to petition God for spiritual breakthrough among the working class.

Browse, download and print the latest prayer requests from Taiwan.

5x5x5 Prayer Guide

Taiwan 5x5x5 prayer guide

Pray for Taiwan for 5 minutes a day
for 5 days, for 5 strategic areas.

Monthly Prayer Letter

Taiwan monthly prayer newsletter

Monthly updates from all our teams
to help you pray for Taiwan.

Ongoing Prayer Requests

Only by the work of God will any of our efforts bear fruit. That’s why we regard prayer as central to all we do and the most important thing you can do to support our ministry.

Please pray for:

  1.  More workers who are determined to go where the needs and are willing to meet them

  2. The Taiwanese church, which is largely educated and wealthy, to reach out to their working class brothers and sisters

  3. For Taiwanese people to see that not all religions are the same

  4. For Taiwanese people to care not just about feelings when evaluating Jesus, but also about truth as well

  5. For Christians to model what a loving family looks like, as many Taiwanese families are broken

  6. For working class Christians to be go deeper in their faith and become lifelong disciples, rather than superficial followers

  7. For Taiwanese people not to dismiss Christianity as just an imported idea from the West

  8. For Taiwanese people to be willing to follow God even if it costs them their family

  9. For Taiwanese Christians to have the strength not to worship and sacrifice to their ancestors despite great social pressure to do so

  10. For Taiwanese people to be less suspicious of why people would want to share the gospel with them

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