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T4T: Together For Taiwan

a monthly prayer letter from OMF Taiwan missionaries


September 2018



Donggang, Pingtung County: Christine Dillon (Home assignment in Australia), Nancy Elumba (Home Assignment in Philippines), Linda McKerrell, Aaron & Amy Koh, Vivian To, Paul & Abbie Brooks (Home Assignment in UK)

Give thanks for the workshops Christine ran over the summer. She is also leaving for home assignment. Ask God for wisdom in how to implement what was discussed at the team retreat. The Koh kids have returned to school.

God’s Love Church, Qiaotou, Kaoshiung: David & Ruth Ullstrom (Home Assignment in Canada) ; Christopher & Sara-Rose Sykes

The Ullstroms left for home assignment at the end of August.  Pray for the church and the Sykes carrying on with ministry with David and Ruth away for 7 months.  Pray for children from the summer camps and Saturday kids club to start coming to Mosaic Kids (Sunday School) on Sunday.

Kaohsiung University Ministry: Brian & Faith Janssen, Calvin & Jeanette Kim (Home Assignment in the US), Ben & Kelly Lapiana

Please pray for planning university student ministry for the upcoming school year.  Brian will be helping with a few local church camps and Faith will be doing several Short Term Team (SAW) orientation/debriefs.  Please pray that Kelly’s second year teaching at MAK starts well, that the Lapianas can help get some new staff at MAK settled and that their language continues to progress.

Puxin, Changhua: Jason & Hiwin Tam, Lizzy & Cheryl Alexandr

Pray for the Puxin team who welcomed multiple short terms teams this summer. Not only was it an opportunity for the teams to learn about different aspects of OMF ministry in Taiwan but they will also got to participate and help make connections with local families. Please pray for the members of these teams as God is working in their hearts and also pray for the missionaries in Puxin as they follow up with the families that have been met as a result of these visits.

San-he Gospel Church, Chiayi County: Thomas & Jennifer McIntyre, Simon & Helen Johnson (Home Assignment in NZ), Markus & Annie Laurinkari

Praise God that San-he Gospel Church has been having steady attendance, with new seekers invited by the church believers on a regular basis. Those baptized in the church really love evangelism! Almost all of the regular members are also serving in the church in some way. Pray for 3 people who profess faith in Christ but, because of family pressures, have not yet been baptized. Pray for good follow up with the families of English class students that our intern has been teaching this summer. Please also pray that the missionary kids in the team will transition well to the newly formed Morrison school in Chiayi.

Taiping Church Planting:   Wayne & Angela Chen, Nathan & Tina Keller, Tim & Jennifer McCracken

Last month Tina began an evangelistic baking class at a local church.  Pray that church members would bring their non-Christian friends to the baking class and learn how to share the Gospel with them.  Pray that these non-Christians would hear, understand, and believe in the Gospel.

This month, members of the team will begin teaching a weekly seminary course at a seminary branch in Feng Yuan.  Pray that they would teach well and that the students would apply what they learn in order to more effectively minister to working-class people.

 Shop Workers Church, Taipei: Elisabeth Weinmann, Esther Chin, Martha Oates, Allan & Jane Tsai

The Shopworkers Church has its 14th anniversary on 9/2. Jamie Taylor (5th generation descendent of Hudson Taylor) will come and preach. May this celebration give glory to the Lord, who is faithful.

9/22 the Shopworkers Church has a Moon festival – barbecue. The Christians will invite their family members and friends to this event, a good opportunity to let them experience Christian fellowship.

Wanhua Bible Church: Richard & Rachel Lu

The church appreciates your faithful prayers.  Please pray for work schedules of several members as it is common for people to work on Sundays here.

Pray that each member will take greater personal responsibility for the church’s direction and well-being.

Pray for Mr. Chen’s attendance, ask God to help him to be honest in all his dealings, to minimize self-pity, and to be a good example for his two sons.

Pray for Hsiao-jun as a new father—pray for stamina, a good relationship with his wife, and strong spiritual leadership for his family.

Pray for Carol’s nephew’s entire family who struggles with mental illness, pray for wisdom on how to support them despite few treatment options here in Taiwan.



The Pearl Family Garden (PFG) – Wanhua, Taipei: Edna McKelleher, Sin Ee Teo, Tera Van Twillert, Rixin Chin

MQ entered a Christian rehab facility last month. Ask God to strengthen her resolve to kick multiple addictions.

Pray that Choo will be able to go back to work as she continues on the road to recovery with counselling and psychiatric treatment.

Carnation was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which makes it hard for her to breathe. Pray that she will stop smoking. May the Lord give her wisdom to handle limited finances.

Promised Land Keelung – Tera VanTwillert

Praise the Lord; Ping the retired teashop owner accepted the Lord when the team first visited her. The team will visit her regularly, but please pray that she will also have the courage to come to church and find a loving community there.

Taoyuan Reform School: Will McKelleher

Pray for the team as they seek God & discern His plans for Class 3. A core team of committed Christians has been chosen and the aim is to utilize their gifts & talents. May the Lord continue to raise up more local believers to serve in this unique ministry to boys in detention. Thank God for this open door to freely share God’s love with so many marginalised young men.

Wanhua Hope Team, Taipei: David & Sigrun Jansen, Veronika Rieben, Rixin Chin

Since August Sunday worship now takes place at 4pm instead 7pm. Simultaneously the team has launched two Sunday School classes for kids ages 3-13. They’ve had a good start and appreciate prayers for all the participants in the different groups to be touched by God’s Word and that they will commit their lives to the Lord. Pray that the husbands will join the adult service as well and that whole families will follow Christ. Pray for all the teachers in the different groups as they prepare the messages/programs. Kids club in Dali Elementary School and English Club in Hope center will start again in September.  


DANIEL LEARNERS (Daniel learners refers to missionaries in their initial 2 years of language and cultural study)


Kevin Huang

Praise the Lord for providing Kevin a new place to stay during the next year. Pray that he can settle down well in his new home.

Pray for Kevin that he will continue to grow and mature as a Christian as he enters his second year in Taiwan. May the Lord continue to bless his language study efforts in preparation for ministry.

Sarah Melbourne

Please continue to pray for growing friendships, especially with those who are not Christians.  Along with this please pray for Sarah’s language acquisition as it helps in these growing friendships.



David & Lucy Eastwood (Field Director)

David has a busy preaching schedule this month and will also teach two classes for the Lutheran seminary course.  10th-23rd the Eastwoods will be away from Taiwan, first for a short family holiday then for OMF meetings in Malaysia after which David will be in Singapore for a week of meetings. Lucy will start the second semester of her social work course. Naomi returns to the UK to continue her University studies.

Greg & Bonnie Huteson

Greg and Bonnie are thankful for God’s direction and blessing as several new workers moved this summer. Please pray for the Denhams hopefully arrived at the end of August (at the time of writing they were waiting for Visa’s) Especially ask God for a joyful transition for their boys, Luke and Hamish, who will start school at Morrison Academy as soon as they arrive.

Stephen & Megan Noble

Stephen will start back at the Wanhua Hope Centre this month. Pray for his heart and preparation as he brings the truth to the children who come. Praise for Peter Denham (and family from Sydney) coming to replace Stephen next year. Megan has started back at Morrison. This month marks the beginning of the Noble’s 10th year in Taiwan. Please pray for leading for their future ministry and continued health.