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T4T: Together For Taiwan

a monthly prayer letter from OMF Taiwan missionaries


May 2018



Donggang, Pingtung County: Christine Dillon, Nancy Elumba, Linda McKerrell, Aaron & Amy Koh, Vivian To

A group of old men have heard a year of stories from some of the Koh’s church youth. Please pray that this ‘beach group’ will realise there is a decision to make and will choose to follow Jesus.

For all of the team members to find interested seekers, especially groups of people. Also that the few local believers being trained in storytelling will become fervent spreaders of the good news.

God’s Love Church, Qiaotou, Kaoshiung: David & Ruth Ullstrom; Christopher & Sara-Rose Sykes, Joseph Cavelli (1 Year Serve Asia Worker)

Praise God for 3 young people baptized last month.  May they continue to grow in their walk with Jesus.  Every month Christopher and Joseph distribute 100 Dandelion magazines and try to engage people in conversation.  One lady has already started coming to the church because of this contact.  Pray that people will read the magazine and be drawn to learn more about Jesus.

Kaohsiung University Ministry: Brian & Faith Janssen, Calvin & Jeanette Kim, Ben Lapiana

The Kims and Lapianas have started an introduction to Christianity group.  There is one lady who may be ready to become a Christian soon.  Brian has been involved with several university weekly groups.  Faith is gearing up for a busy Serve Asia season coming up.

San-he Gospel Church, Chiayi County: Thomas & Jennifer McIntyre, Simon & Helen Johnson on home assignment, Markus & Annie Laurinkari

The Sanhe team is hoping to start a weekly Sunday service in May. Please pray for the member to take up responsibility in serving the community. 

Jennifer is starting a supporting group to meet with some ladies who can’t come to church. pray that these women will be brave and follow Jesus while facing opposition from family.  

Puxin, Changhua: Jason & Hiwin Tam, Lizzy & Cheryl Alexandr

This Easter, the Puxin team held a large celebration event outside of the local library. Around 150 people from the community attended, and several members from nearby churches served alongside them. Please pray for continued growth in partnership with the local church. Pray too for those who came to the event and heard about Jesus for the first time. Pray that God will equip and prepare the Puxin team to meet the needs (spiritual and otherwise) of their community.

Shop Workers Church, Taipei: Elisabeth Weinmann (on Home Assignment), Esther Chin, Martha Oates

Please pray that the 20+ seekers who joined the evangelistic outing on April 11th will be keen to join the different small groups. That the respective small group leaders will be able to follow them up so that some of them will meet with Christians regularly and be drawn by the Holy Spirit to the truth and love of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for Elisabeth, who plans to return to the field from Home Assignment on 31st May , that she will have a renewed Spirit and vision from the Lord.

Wanhua Bible Church: Richard & Rachel Lu

The church gives thanks for your prayers because Mr. Shen came to church after being asked for almost two years. His brother recently sold their home behind his back to pay off a gambling debt; Mr. Shen is near broke and desperate and is asking how our God could possibly help him. Pray for Jason and Sunny, dumpling makers with three young kids, who also came to church. Pray that they will see their need for Jesus. Pray for Claire who has lost nonbelieving people close to her over the last two years and may struggle with accepting that they were not believers. 


Taoyuan Reform School: Will McKelleher

Recently, a former drug addict came to share about his own past experiences with hard drugs and its physical, mental and spiritual consequences. He came to testify how God transformed his life. Since most of these boys are in for drug-related offences, may they take to heart that Christ provides the strength and power to overcome sin and addiction. May they also take that step of faith.

The Pearl Family Garden (PFG) – Wanhua, Taipei: Edna McKelleher, Sin Ee Teo, Tera Van Twillert, Rixin Chin

Pray that God will use the 10th anniversary thanksgiving service on May 6 to mobilize more churches into reaching women in red-light districts.

PFG is inviting supporters to an “open house” / DIY craft activity at PFG on May 18 and 19. Pray for good interaction between supporters and the PFG women.

There will be a discipleship workshop for baptised believers on May 22. Pray for fruitful time of learning and fellowship.

Promised Land Keelung – Tera VanTwillert

Praise the Lord for a committed team in Keelung. There are many opportunities to share the gospel during street work. Pray that the ladies will respond when invited to our mothers day celebration (8th of May). A church member will share her testimony and ladies from the Pearl will help with a DIY. Pray from opportunities to go from evangelism to discipleship!

Wanhua Hope Team, Taipei: David & Sigrun Jansen, Veronika Rieben (on Home Assignment), Rixin Chin

One of the teachers for Kids’ Club is very ill and will be unable to teach this semester. Please pray for her recovery.

At the Center, the team would like to change the Sunday night service to afternoon to accommodate young families. But more co-workers are needed to run a Sunday School. Please pray for this provision.

Programming at the Center has expanded and deepened. Please pray for conversions and discipleship.

DANIEL LEARNERS (Daniel learners refers to missionaries in their initial 2 years of language and cultural study)

Sarah Melbourne

Pray for Sarah’s language learning, that she will retain more language and have opportunities to practise. Give thanks for the church she attends where she is beginning to get to know people and pray that she will have deepening friendships there. 

Chris & Stephanie Niederberger

The Niederberger family are thankful for the relaxing vacation and the encouraging New Worker Conference at OASIS. Please pray for a good return to their normal routine and a good transition for their two girls too.

Allan & Jane Tsai

Praise God for good ministry visits in March. Pray for continued guidance about ministry placement for the next two years. Pray for a good preparations to transition to the new ministry site come mid-Summer. Pray for continued language and culture learning.


David & Lucy Eastwood

Irene Nicholson, David Eastwood and Brian Janssen will teach a Pre Home Assignment Workshop in the South of Taiwan 1st-11th May. This will be attended by missionaries from Taiwan and other OMF fields. The Nicholson and Eastwood’s will help with a weekend for people interested in Mission run by the Taiwan home side 25th-27th May.

Pray for Taiwan Field Council meeting  28th – 30th May.

Phil Nicholson

Phil will be running preaching training “tasters” in Taiping (May 5) and Chiayi (May 19). Pray that this training will give attendees a desire to learn more about how to preach God’s word effectively and will lead to greater opportunities for more in-depth training.

Stephen & Megan Noble

Stephen and Megan Noble will be heading back to Australia for 2 weeks in June. Please pray for Stephen to have all his work up to date. Megan will be helping out with several summer camps in Taipei. Please pray for her preparation in regards to activities as well as  spiritually.  Each group will be ministering to local marginalised children. Praise for a good year at Morrison for Megan.

Wulan Ningsih

Pray for Faith (not her real name), may the Lord give her understanding and conviction as she read His word and future direction when she finish her working contract.

Pray for Wulan as she prepares to share at the 巴拿巴宣教學院 Barnabas School for Mission?in early May.