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T4T: Together For Taiwan

a monthly prayer letter from OMF Taiwan missionaries


August 2017



Donggang, Pingtung County: Christine Dillon, Nancy Elumba, Linda McKerrell, Aaron & Amy Koh on home assignment

That the Chen family (see article) will decide to follow Jesus and be baptised.  For Sho and Susan meeting with Linda in the coffee shop. That they’ll form a habit of meeting and both decide to follow Jesus.  And that the people Nancy meets with at a canteen/noodle shop would also meet regularly and form a group. That the Lord would transform lives and reach others through them.


God’s Love Church, Qiaotou, Kaoshiung: David & Ruth Ullstrom, Brian & Faith Janssen

Praise God for the 2 camps held in July.  Pray for children to come to the weekly kids program at the church on Sunday and the new youth group starting Saturday, August 5th.  A 5 week parenting course is also starting August 12th.  Pray for both church members and parents of the summer campers to attend.


GangShan, Kaoshiung: Calvin & Jeanette Kim

Praise God for new seekers coming to the youth group meetings at the gospel center. There will be an outing to do community service and then hang out.  Please pray it will be a good time to build stronger relationships and that they all may eventually be led to a relationship with God.




San-he Gospel Church, Chiayi County: Thomas & Jennifer McIntyre, Simon & Helen Johnson on home assignment, Markus & Annie Laurinkari

Praise God the McIntyres arrived back in Taiwan and are settled. Now the Johnsons have left for their HA. Pray the Johnsons find rest and much needed financial support. The Sanhe team has started a new simple evangelistic English class with around 11 people attending, studying the book of Jonah. Pray for new relationships and fruit to come from it. Praise God the team has recently had many opportunities to share their faith. Pray for Kevin who is very close to trusting in Christ. Pray also for Markus who will finish his Mandarin studies at the end of the summer.


Zhongpu Village Ministry: Seann & Amy Gibson, Birgit Glaw on home assignment

Our Taiwanese co-workers, Jordan and Bella, are facing many challenges as they begin full time ministry in Xinghuabu. Pray for the Lord’s provision and peace in their hearts.


Puxin, Changhua: Wayne & Angela Chen on home assignment, Jason & Hiwin Tam

“Sometimes my intention is good, but at the end things turned out bad, and I feel like exploding.” Kairui told Jason when they studied the Rebellion story.  Every week, they have one on one discipleship session through Bible study and storytelling with images.  Kairui has joined our house church with his mother and sister.  Pray for Kairui and his family to understand the Lordship and salvation of Jesus Christ.


Taiping Church Planting:   Nathan & Tina Keller, Tim & Jennifer McCracken on home assignment 

Pray for two non-Christian women who have been coming to the monthly “Mommies’ Group” meeting at the Taiping ministry center.  They have begun asking good questions and are starting to show interest in Christianity.  Pray also for Jay, a young man who works at a local drink shop.  Pray that God would speak to him as Nathan shares the Gospel with him.



Shop Workers Church, Taipei: Elisabeth Weinmann, Esther Chin, Martha Oates

The Shopworkers’ Church thanks the Lord for the blessed youth camp they had at the beginning of July. They ask for prayer for the seekers who attended, that they are willing to get to know the biblical truth better by one on one bible study.


Ko Kai Yuan, the full-time worker of the Shopworkers’ Church, will be ordained on the 1st of September. The preparation for it needs the Lord’s wisdom and help.


WanHua Bible Church, Taipei: Richard & Rachel Lu

The Lus give thanks for Claire, who has decided to get baptized on her birthday next month.  Please pray that the pre-baptism studies go well.


Please pray for Mr. Lee and Mr. Shen, two security guards. This month Mr. Shen told the Lus he has been thinking about Christianity lately despite not being asked.  Mr. Lee told the Lus that he wanted to visit HanHua Bible Church but his wife was not interested.


Please pray for Fairy & her husband to draw boundaries with their mother, who lies to them in order to keep them from church.





Taoyuan Reform School: Will McKelleher

Each visit some students have left and a few new ones arrive. One new boy is an avid talker. He has much on his mind. He can talk non-stop for an hour. It is hard to get a word in. Much of this ‘work’ is listening. Will leaves with a prayer, a hug and the boy is given a Bible tract to read at a later time.


Wanhua Hope Team, Taipei: David & Sigrun Jansen on Home Assignment, Veronika Rieben on Home Assignment, Margret Zingg

Praise God, 69 year old Grandma Lyan was willing to have her God shelf removed and be baptized. Pray for her protection and that she will be a good testimony in the community. Pray especially for her son in law who does not allow his wife to become a Christian.

Thank God for a good Kid’s Camp. May they come back to other activities at the center, like Saturday ‘Open House’ or ‘English Club’ during school term .


Dali primary school would like the team to run the Wednesday afternoon ‘Kid’s Club’ again. Pray the needed helpers in!


At the beginning of August the Jansen family will return to Wanhua. Pray for a good readjustment, especially for the boys at school.


The Pearl Family Garden – Wanhua, Taipei: Edna McKelleher, Sin Ee Teo, Tera Van Twillert

Amy is a single mum who works as a prostitute and has a one month old baby.  She is considering giving up her baby.  Please pray for our team to build a good relationship with Amy, and have wisdom to support her inc. connecting her to suitable social services. May God watch over the baby and guide Amy to make the right decision.  May Amy also come to know the Lord.


Promised Land, Keelung:Tera Van Twillert

Syou-Syou is one of the women from the red light district who started attending a fellowship group in the Quaker church. Recently she tried to commit suicide after an accident which disfigured her face. Praise the Lord that the wound is now healing well. May she be drawn closer to the Lord through the loving concern she experiences.



DANIEL LEARNERS (Daniel learners refers to missionaries in their initial 2 years of language and cultural study)


Allan & Jane Tsai

Ask God to provide Allan and Jane with adequate time to acquire language and culture and to also lead their family to joy in the Lord. Pray for them to place their worth in Christ alone. In their home country they felt more purposeful, capable, and in-control. Coming to Taiwan as a learner they easily feel purposeless, incapable, and not in control.



 Wulan Ningsih

Thanksgiving for adjustment to life in Taipei.


Please pray for local church partnership reaching out to the elderly and hence their helpers too. Pray for God to work in Tika, Susi and Arra’s lives.


Opportunities in Taipei abound. Pray for God’s wisdom and sensitivity.

Wulan had a significant growth on her pituitary gland removed successfully. Praise God for His glory and faithfulness to Wulan and her family.  Please pray for her recovery.

Please pray for other missionaries who are having significant health issues at the moment and for peace and joy to be a real testimony to those around them.


Stephen & Megan Noble

This month Megan Noble returns to Morrison for her 9th year. Please pray for her relationship with Charles, her new assistant. May Megan be able to see ministry opportunities within Morrison and with the Taiwanese.

The Hope Centre Saturday morning group is on break until next month when Stephen will again take an English class.  Stephen enjoys this time with the kids very much.  Pray for his creativity in teaching.