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T4T: Together For Taiwan

a monthly prayer letter from OMF Taiwan missionaries



Donggang, Pingtung County: Christine Dillon, Nancy Elumba, Linda McKerrell, Aaron & Amy Koh, Vivian To
Pray for courage for those who want to follow Jesus but are afraid of rejection by their families. May they have courage to be baptised and may their decisions inspire others.

For the Koh’s as they reconnect with previous contacts including other parents at the school. May this year see some simple churches form.

God’s Love Church, Qiaotou, Kaoshiung: David & Ruth Ullstrom; Christopher & Sara-Rose Sykes
The team will be running The Marriage Course for the third time starting this month. Pray that couples who have taken the course will promote it among their friends and for couples from the local community to attend. Bible story telling at a local elementary school and as part of a social club at the local middle school will also start up again with the new school term.

Yanchao, Kaohsiung: Brian & Faith Janssen
The Janssens are continuing to develop relationships with university students in the northern Kaohsiung area. Please pray for wisdom as they plan to start a new small group with students that are interested in learning more about Christianity. Please also pray for wisdom for Faith as she balances her role as Serve Asia Coordinator with ministry to university students.

Zhongpu Village Team: Seann & Amy Gibson
​The Gibsons hope to open the university student outreach center in Chiayi at the beginning of March. Pray this would further the gospel, not only among students, but also among the students’ families and communities throughout Taiwan.

Activities were held for students (grade school to high school) during the winter break in the village. Pray especially for the Yaos as they follow up on the students, especially new ones.

Puxin, Changhua: Jason & Hiwin Tam, Lizzy & Cheryl Alexandr
The first semester of school has come to an end, so the team is now making home visits to students from our Champions classes. Please pray for these initial contacts with families in the neighborhood. There is one family in particular where a parent was a Taoist monk and the house was filled with items of Taoist worship. The daughter, however, has shown great interest in reading the Bible and invited team members back to their house where they found all of these items removed and three of the four family members sat down to study the Bible. God is moving! Pray that the team will be led by his Holy Spirit.

Taiping Church Planting: Nathan & Tina Keller, Tim & Jennifer McCracken
Please pray for Friday night youth group at the Taiping center. Some of the youth are starting to lead Bible Studies within the group. Please pray for God’s wisdom as they lead and also for them to desire to be studying God’s Word more and more.

Shop Workers Church, Taipei: Elisabeth Weinmann, Esther Chin, Martha Oates
March 15th the Shopworkers Church will have a One-day bible study and Prayer Retreat. Principal Lyou of the Lutheran Seminary will lead the bible studies. Please pray for open hearts that the Lord can speak through His Word to each individual, to the coworkers and to the new believers. The preparation for the evangelistic outing in April, where new friends will be invited, also needs prayers.


Taoyuan Reform School: Will McKelleher
Pray for developing stronger friendships with students. That the Reform School team would come with a desire to love and serve these boys and through this, God would draw them closer to Him. May the Lord also break down apathy that is common among some boys.

The Pearl Family Garden – Wanhua, Taipei: Edna McKelleher, Sin Ee Teo, Tera Van Twillert, Rixin Chin
PFG found a possible place to rent. However, it is now an illegal gambling den. Pray that God would show clearly if this is the right place. Perhaps PFG could share this place with a local church that will be able to run it as a community center.

PFG will celebrate its 10th anniversary on 6 May. Pray for the planning and logistics of the thanksgiving service.

MQ lost her job and may be sniffing glue again. Ask God to intervene mightily in her life.

Pray that Choo will be willing to continue with medical treatment. May God give wisdom to her psychiatrist and social worker.

Wanhua Hope Team, Taipei: David & Sigrun Jansen, Veronika Rieben (on Home Assignment), Margret Zingg, Rixin Chin
Margret Zingg will be retiring in March and flying back to Switzerland. On March 11, there will be a farewell service at our Center. A full house is expected from the many people she has touched in the community. Pray for a good farewell as well as open hearts to embrace the Gospel.

The winter camp was packed with students. Pray for follow up with their families. Kids’ Club starts March 7. There are now 24 students attending (the max. number we can take). Pray for 4 more co-workers to help teach.

Continue to pray for a breakthrough with the Gospel to the husbands of the mother’s group.

DANIEL LEARNERS (Daniel learners refers to missionaries in their initial 2 years of language and cultural study)

Allan & Jane Tsai
In March the Tsai family will visit OMF ministries around Taiwan. Pray for good preparation and good experiences. Pray for guidance about where they will serve for the next two years. Allan and Jane continue to study language and culture. Pray for good learning.

Wulan Ningsih
Thank God for a good time with family last month, and praise Him for His works in Wulan’s family, may he continue to draw her siblings to himself.

Do pray for follow up with A, may she continue to discover and know God thru Jesus. Pray that H, and S’s heart to be drawn to know Christ.

Stephen & Megan Noble
Stephen Noble rejoices in having his class back at the Hope Centre. Please pray for several girls that received Jesus last term to encourage others to come and hear the good news and learn some English too! Megan is nearing the end of the year at the library. Praise for a good relationship with her assistant.

David & Lucy Eastwood
In the first week of March David will attend the Pre Home Assignment workshop (PHAW) facilitators consultation in Thailand. This will be led by Irene Nicholson who is PHAW co-ordinator for all of OMF. Brian Janssen will also attend. This course has been greatly used within OMF to prepare missionaries for Home Assignment. Pray for Lucy who will have started her part time studies for an MA in social work, that she will find a good balance of study and ministry.