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Why Taiwan?

How is Taiwan different to Hong Kong, Singapore or other Asian countries?

“When a non-Christian Taiwanese becomes interested in Christianity, it’s not easy at all for him or her to find a Bible teaching church. … It’s very easy to go to a local house temple.”

Snippets from New Workers

Clips from the everyday life of new OMF workers in the city of Taichung as they explore, learn, and tackle the challenges of life in a new culture and language.

Third Culture Kids - Friends

What happens with your friends when you move countries all the time?

“Every now and then I go on a social media stalk to see if I can find any of my childhood friends but…”

Different third culture kids from different organisations at different stages of life share their stories.

Those Who Have Left Their Mark On Me

Do we still need missionaries in Taiwan?

As a Taiwanese pastor, these are the things I have observed and learned from the missionaries in my life.

42 Days in Taiwan

A personal experience of a short term mission trip in Taiwan told through sights and sound

Donggang Boat Burning Festival

Every three years in the Taiwanese coastal town of Donggang, there is a festival named “Welcome the king”

6 Ways to Reach God's World

How might God use you for mission?


All 6 Videos here:

Missionary? We're just two accountants...

“Missionary? We’re just two accountants. But I googled anyway on the OMF website…”

Ken & Judy tell their story of how God brought them somewhere they had not anticipated.

The Cost of Discipleship

What is the cost of following Jesus for people in Taiwan? Here is one story.

Worldviews with Aaron Koh

How “worshipping Jesus” may not have a Biblical underlying worldview…

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