Taiwan Mission Resources

Taiwan Prayer Guide


This prayer guide contains 30 true stories about Taiwanese working class people and their spiritual needs.




Reaching Taiwan's Working Class


This prayer guide contains specific ways that you can petition God for a spiritual breakthrough among Taiwan’s working class



A harrowing biography of three women entangled by broken relationships, addictions, wounded emotions, and spirit worship. These true stories present a startlingly real picture of the Taiwanese working class that shows no person is beyond God’s Reach.

Short Term Opportunities

What it be like to spend from 2 weeks to 11 months in Taiwan? What could you learn? What could you bring?

Find the latest short-term opportunities in Taiwan.

Creative Ministry

Among Taiwan’s working class, only 0.5% follow Christ. Join us as we partner with Taiwan’s church to reach this people group.

The Stranger

Who among the gods can be trusted? I don’t know such a god.

This is a beautifully shot short film tells a powerful story, typical of a working class Taiwanese woman’s search for reality and truth in a spiritually confusing world.

PRAY -- Taiwan

Prayer – our first responsibility and the greatest need in world mission.

LEARN -- Taiwan

Learn about the joys and challenges that a new cross-cultural worker faces.

LOVE -- Taiwan

Love – the heart of mission is loving people as Christ loved us.

The following are links to some of our ministry partners in in Taiwan

Taiwan Missionary Fellowship – networking missionaries in Taiwan. TMF also publishes a journal about life and ministry in Taiwan – the Taiwan Mission Journal (formerly Taiwan Mission Quarterly). Back copies are available here.

Storying the Scriptures – books, videos and other resources to help you learn Bible storying as a method of ministry. This website has been set up by Christine Dillon, a member of OMF Taiwan.

Morrison Christian Academy – comprehensive education for missionary kids. Morrison has campuses in 4 cities across Taiwan.

Oasis Christian Retreat Center – vacation and conference center for missionaries and Christian workers in Taiwan. (OMF owned and operated.)

台湾 (台灣) [Tái wān]

  • variant of 臺灣|台湾[Tai2 wan1]

台 (台) [Tái]

  • Taiwan (abbr.)
  • surname Tai

台 (台) [tái]

  • (classical) you (in letters)
  • variant of 臺|台[tai2]

台 (檯) [tái]

  • desk
  • table
  • counter

台 (臺) [Tái]

  • Taiwan (abbr.)

台 (臺) [tái]

  • platform
  • stage
  • terrace
  • stand
  • support
  • station
  • broadcasting station
  • classifier for vehicles or machines

台 (颱) [tái]

  • typhoon