What We Do

Park ministry in Sanhe, Chiayi County, Southern Taiwan

OMF Ministries in Taiwan

We are involved in church planting, marginalized peoples ministry, student work, and leadership training.

We use a variety of strategies to serve working-class people and help to gather them into churches. We work together in teams alongside Taiwanese Christians to pioneer outreach in needy communities.

Missionary chatting with friends at cafe in Chiayi County, Southern Taiwan

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Planting Churches

Many working class people are separated by culture and language from the local Christian community.

We seek to strategically plant working-class friendly churches where there is little to no Christian witness in the community with the goal of local Christian leadership who will continue to reach their neighbors.

Marginalized Peoples Ministries

Within Taiwan’s cities there are many people who are poor or marginalized. We minister to the whole person, caring for their material needs and also sharing the hope we have in Jesus beyond this life time.

These ministries include include The Spring, a worship center for the homeless in Wanhua; the Pearl Family Garden, a women’s center for prostitutes and other marginalized women; outreach to low-income families and at-risk kids in Wanhua; outreach in a juvenile detention center.

Student Work

Education is highly valued in Taiwan but most students study at modest local schools and colleges.

We reach out to unchurched young people through school and college activities and in local communities. The focus is on students from the less academic vocational schools who often come from more working class backgrounds. Gospel work in such schools is often neglected. OMF youth workers serve in conjunction with church planting ministries or with local churches.

Training and Support

We are invested in the spiritual development of Taiwanese Christians through training in Bible study skills, evangelism and discipleship, and leadership skills.

We also have support staff involved in an international school, finances, a guest home, and medical support. Their work behind the scenes ensures that OMF Taiwan as a whole can contribute to the building of God’s kingdom.

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