Taiwan – Serving the Working Class


Taiwan Fast Facts:

Location: Southeast Asia near China, Japan, Philippines

Population: 23 million (15 million working-class)

Major cities: Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung

Climate: Marine-tropical

Geography: Mountains in the east, plains in the west

Languages: Taiwanese, Mandarin


  • 93% combination of folk religions, Buddism, Confucianism, Taoism
  • 4.5% Christian + Catholic
  • 2.5% other
  • Working class:  0.1% Christian

Government: Democratic

Industries: Electronics, IT products, petroleum refining, textiles

Known for: wonderful food, friendly people, green mountains, blue oceans

God is moving in Taiwan

We are a group of about 60 people from more than a dozen nations. We seek to share the gospel with individuals, care for the hurting and establish growing churches among Taiwan’s unreached majority—the working class.  We are here because most people in Taiwan have no idea of the hope that Jesus Christ offers to them. This is especially true of the working class—the vast majority of whom are in bondage to idolatry and superstition and the destruction these bring.

Latest Stories

  • Working Class Student Work in Taiwan

    June 2017– Working with the Campus Evangelical Fellowship (CEF) of Taiwan these past 25 years among high school students, I could say at least 70% of them come from a working class background.  Take for example, Bwo Jen.  Her father is a rubbish truck collector for Tainan City Council. Seven years ago, at our evangelistic […]
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  • The Taiping Youth Group is Transitioning

    May 2017– Shu Ling is a local Christian woman who volunteers with our ministry.  For many years she had been burdened to reach out to the youth in our community.  When a short-term team from the McCracken’s church in the USA came to serve in Taiping in the Summer of 2013, Shu Ling’s vision for […]
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  • Sowing Hope in Wanhua

     April 2017– Nestled in a row of shops that include a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, laundromat, motorcycle repair shop and nail salon is the Wanhua Hope Centre. Team leaders, Veronika Rieben and Margret Zingg, have spent many years working in this area, running an after-school program in the elementary school and doing outreach in the parks. In […]
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  • Oasis Retreat Center

    March 2017–We are hosts at the Oasis Missionary Retreat Center in the southern part of Taiwan. Our mission is to provide a relaxing place for other missionaries to rest, refresh, pray, and to have good food. Judy says: We hit the wall. We have come to realize that we are physically incapable of running the […]
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    January 26, 2015–(from the Pearl Family Garden) She came to our Christmas party because someone had given her an invitation card. I thought she was mute because she didn’t speak, only nodding or shaking her head when I handed out the food. When Huang Jie called to follow up on new contacts, she asked about […]
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