Less than 1% of Taiwan’s 15 million working class people know Jesus.

Join us in seeing reproducing communities of disciples among the working class peoples of Taiwan.

Temple worship in Donggang, Taiwan

Taiwan’s two-thirds majority

Most working-class and marginalised people do not easily fit into existing churches. This is due to differences in background, mindset and education.

Some believers seek to reach these groups, but few resources are devoted to them.

The owners of a coffee shop that OMF has close contact with in Donggang, Taiwan.

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Worship and community in Qiaotou church, Taiwan

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A pineapple field in country Taiwan almost ripe for harvest

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OMF missionary with locals at his coffee shop ministry in Taiwan


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Taiwan is a bi-lingual country

We have often been with Taiwanese friends where both Mandarin and Taiwanese are used interchangeably. One sentence is spoken in Mandarin, followed by another sentence in Taiwanese. Or, a sentence may begin in Taiwanese and then finish in Mandarin. The people in central Taiwan where we serve are functionally bi-lingual. That is, they speak both [...]

Ghost month

The seventh month of the lunar calendar is called “Ghost Month” in Taiwan. In Taiwanese folk religion, the spirit world consists of three types of beings: gods, ancestors, and ghosts. The gods are the highly respected and powerful spiritual beings. Ancestors are family members who have already died. They require living relatives to offer ongoing [...]

My Buddhist Friend’s Story

My Taiwanese friend, Jane*, is a devout Buddhist. I remember a class in high school on Buddhism, learning the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path and words like enlightenment, nirvana and karma. But high school was a long time ago and I was curious as to exactly what my friend believed. So I asked Jane [...]

We work in teams and partner with Taiwanese Christians to pioneer outreach in needy communities.

Run with them

Church planting begins with building relationships often through different activities and hobbies.

What activities are you involved in which could be used to build relationships?

Why Taiwan?

How is Taiwan different to Hong Kong, Singapore or other Asian countries?

“When a non-Christian Taiwanese becomes interested in Christianity, it’s not easy at all for him or her to find a Bible teaching church. … It’s very easy to go to a local house temple.”


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