Taiwan – Serving the Working Class


Taiwan Fast Facts:

Location: Southeast Asia near China, Japan, Philippines

Population: 23 million (15 million working-class)

Major cities: Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung

Climate: Marine-tropical

Geography: Mountains in the east, plains in the west

Languages: Taiwanese, Mandarin


  • 93% combination of folk religions, Buddism, Confucianism, Taoism
  • 4.5% Christian + Catholic
  • 2.5% other
  • Working class:  0.1% Christian

Government: Democratic

Industries: Electronics, IT products, petroleum refining, textiles

Known for: wonderful food, friendly people

God is moving in Taiwan

We are a group of about 60 people from more than a dozen nations. We seek to share the gospel with individuals, care for the hurting and establish growing churches among Taiwan’s unreached majority—the working class.  We are here because most people in Taiwan have no idea of the hope that Jesus Christ offers to them. This is especially true of the working class—the vast majority of whom are in bondage to idolatry and superstition and the destruction these bring.

Latest Stories

  • Push for Freedom

    August 2016–   One powerful blessing of being on the mission field is that it helps us to hone in on what really matters, and there’s a sense of freedom that comes with that.  Many things that used to matter much have become irrelevant in our lives & what we are trying to do.  Now […]
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  • When Changing Jobs is a Difficult Thing

    July 2016– “Your goal is to help the women to leave the trade, isn’t it?”  This is a common remark when people know that I am reaching out to women working in Taipei’s red light district.  Yet there is no simple answer to this question.   As a member of the Pearl Family Garden team, […]
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  • One Less god Shelf in Qiaotou!

    June 2016– Our home in Qiaotou has three floors but we live on the first and second floors.  The third floor has a small room that we use for storage and has roof access.  For most Taiwanese this room is for the family’s idols.  From our roof at night, you can see the glow of […]
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  • Turning Red Lights into Crosses

    May 2016– An 8th grade student looked like a sloth so his classmates gave him the nickname, “Sloth”.  Along with few other students, Sloth comes to our Saturday Champions Youth Group. He is quiet when among his classmates but to our surprise, Sloth always shares openly and is the first one to answer the Bible […]
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  • An Identity Crisis

    April 2016–It was our first English Club at the new gospel center, so we (the teachers) introduced ourselves and where we came from. Upon discovering that I was from the United States, one of the boys came up to me after class and asked, “Teacher, are you really from America?” “Yes I am! I was […]
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