Pray for the Philippines

Glimpses from the Philippines: A Prayer Guide contains 25 personal stories, prayer items and extra information, and a center prayer pull-out. The glimpses from mega cities, tribal mountain villages, Muslim communities, etc., do not aim to cover everything, but to showcase the diversity of ministries and the cultures we work in. Each story has prayer items, and information to add perspective to the story. Our desire is that you use this booklet to pray, to share with others, and to consider how you might be a part of what God is doing here.

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FREE:  In order to enable you to pray with us, at no cost, you may download the prayer pull-out right here.

Pray for the Philippines

We are seeking people to pray for the OMF Philippines Field on a regular basis. Please consider praying for the following…

Pray for the Philippines as a Country

  • Pray for political stability throughout the country
  • Pray for peaceful resolutions to the anti government insurgent movements
  • Pray for righteousness and justice to prevail in all levels of governance
  • Pray that churches will work together effectively in transforming society
  • Pray for a continued spiritual openness and a real hunger for the Truth

Pray for the OMF Philippines Field

  • Pray that all members will grow in God centeredness, seeking to know Him better through prayer and His word
  • Pray for an ongoing commitment to thorough evangelism and discipleship of all the people groups within the nation
  • Pray for wisdom and creativity in developing strategic partnerships to fulfill the vision
  • Pray for each worker to grow and develop in cultural appropriateness, living and serving in their specific ministry context
  • Pray for God-given focused creativity within the parameters of the Field’s mission and values
  • Pray for a continued strengthening of fellowship throughout the Field

Pray for the Field Leadership

  • Pray for daily wisdom, discernment and synergy for the leadership team as they serve the field
  • Pray for the Ministry Leaders’ Council to grow together and to know the Lord’s leading for the field

Pray for Third-Culture Kid (TCK) Ministries

  • Ask the Lord for committed teachers for the elementary, middle and high school levels of Faith Academy
  • Pray that all of the TCKs would grow to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ

Pray for Indigenous Ministries

  • Pray that the two indigenous church associations that we partner with (MABCAM and MTCA) will continue to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord Jesus
  • Pray for perseverance and wisdom for those working on the Bible translations for the Mangyan tribes

Pray for Urban/Provincial Ministries

  • Pray for more churches to be established in the thousands of unreached folk Catholic communities.
  • Pray for continued openness and responsiveness to the Gospel in the areas affected by the super typhoon in November 2013

Pray for Field Support Ministries

  • Pray for all of the workers to persevere as life-long learners of language, culture and worldview
  • Pray for daily joy and wisdom for those serving the field in administrative tasks
  • Pray for good relationships with all necessary government departments to ensure the continued operation of OMF in the Philippines.

Pray for Training and Equipping Ministries

  • Pray with our partner seminaries for additional, qualified, theological and missiology educators to better equip the national church
  • Pray for the ongoing development of local-level training and equipping programs for provincial churches

Pray for Muslim Ministries

  • Pray that God would reveal Himself through dreams and visions as He draws Muslim people to Himself
  • Pray for courage, sensitivity and protection for those serving in areas of conflict and political instability

Current Prayer Needs

Please contact us if you’d like to receive up to date prayer needs each month.