6 Main Ministries in the Philippines

Join the Philippines Field

The Philippines Field is diverse with workers serving in a wide range of contexts. The linguistic and cultural distinctives of each people group calls for a variety of approaches to evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. The current roles of OMF Philippines fall into six main ministry groups, each with its own ministry leader. We always seek to partner with those working to facilitate indigenous biblical church movements which often means being prepared to work alongside or under the leadership of national workers. We are committed to learning the language, culture and worldview of the people we seek to serve. Those joining us thus need to be committed to the long haul of this learning process.

1. Ministry in Urban & Provincial Areas

Serving the urban poor communities continues to be a challenging ministry, however an even bigger challenge is reaching the rural poor. Insurgent activity and regular natural disasters in these areas pose further challenges.

Church planters are needed who understand and fully embrace OMF’s IBCM principles, to facilitate a church multiplication movement in the unreached areas of Southern Luzon and Eastern Visayas among mainly folk Catholic people.

2. Ministry amongst Muslim Peoples

Serving Muslims in several communities throughout the country. Relationships are built with them through a variety of activities.

Workers are needed who understand or are willing to learn the intricacies of Muslim ministry and who are prepared to be creative in building bridges among these people.

3. Ministry to the Missionaries

Serving the OMF missionaries in the Philippines by investing in their well-being and development as well as taking care of administrative matters. Long and short-term managers for our three OMF Centers are often needed.

4. Ministry through Training and Equipping

Serving in various training institutions and programs. Both theological and missiological training through established seminaries and by local level extension training continues to be needed. Partner seminaries need qualified theological and missions educators.

5. Ministry amongst Indigenous Peoples

Serving associations of churches in Mindanao and Mindoro for indigenous peoples. Each association is developing well and has taken the lead in establishing churches in unreached villages. Help is needed to strengthen these growing associations.

Experienced trainers are needed to help develop and strengthen these churches through in-depth leadership training and discipleship.

6. Ministry to Third-Culture Kids (TCKs)

Serving the children of missionaries at two schools for TCKs, one in Metro Manila and another in Davao City. There are openings for elementary, middle school and secondary school teachers.

In nearly all of our ministries we seek to partner with those who share our burden of facilitating indigenous biblical church movements among the people groups of this nation. People coming to join us must be prepared to work alongside or under national workers.

Short Term Missions

Not sure if long term mission is for you? Find out how you can be a part of what God is doing in the Philippines through OMF’s Serve Asia program. Please contact your local OMF Ministry Center for more information.