You can give towards OMF’s work in the Philippines by supporting missionaries or by contributing towards projects that we’re involved in.

OMF Philippines aims to assist the Filipino church and other para-church organisations in various ways. One way can be through practical assistance. See below for more information about projects you can contribute towards.

PH General Relief Fund

Project# P65145

Post SuperTyphoon Yolanda, Samar (Dec 2013)

The Philippines has a high number of calamities or natural disasters each year in comparison to other countries in East Asia. Earthquakes, flash floods, tidal waves, landslides, typhoons and volcanic eruptions occur here, with an average of 20 typhoons in a year.

God often uses such calamities to open doors for His Gospel to be shared in hard-to-reach grounds, just like He did through SuperTyphoon Yolanda back in 2013. There used to be just a few small churches in Samar, but there are churches being planted and local young believers are being trained to lead their church – all  in the short span of a few years!

This relief fund will give us the opportunity to respond quickly when needs arise.

Mangyan Scholarship Program

Project# P65027

The Mangyan, the indigenous people of Mindoro in the Philippines, have only in the last few decades emerged from being cut off from the modern world. There are still Mangyan who have never travelled outside their secluded valleys. For most of them, the high-tech world is alien. One significant way of assisting the Mangyan is by means of education.

Education will help to develop a strong indigenous church, by equipping the Mangyan to be teachers and theologians. Education also helps the Mangyan make better use of their land resources. In addition, education helps the Mangyan to guide their people into contact with the wider Philippine society while still maintaining their own cultural identity.

There are very few secondary level schools in Mangyan villages, and one of the ways that the Mangyan Tribal Church Association (MTCA) helps with the education of the Mangyan is by providing safe accommodation in a Christian environment. This is for a limited number of Mangyan students who are studying at high school and college levels in the two Mindoro provincial capitals of Calapan and Mamburao.

Gifts to this project will help to provide:

  1. dormitory accommodation, with a contribution towards food,
  2. allowances for the Mangyan dorm parents,
  3. monthly contribution towards expenses of MTCA employees’ children, and
  4. when funds are available, limited help with college tuition.

Unless government and other scholarships are available, the parents of these Mangyan youth provide most of the educational expenses.

The project budget provides accommodation for 30-35 students. It is also possible for donors to contribute towards supporting an individual student.

National Workers Support Fund

Project# P65008

Life Gospel Church men's outing
A children's ministry in Philippines

OMF Philippines helped establish the Alliance of Bible Christian Communities of the Philippines (ABCCOP). This project provides partial support to around 25 ABCCOP workers in several least-reached provinces. They are either church planters or campus workers. Most of them are from and serve in relatively poor parts of the country. Local sources provide some of their support. This project provides between 25% and 50% of it.

To find out more about these projects or to make a contribution, please contact
OMF Philippines or your local OMF center.

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