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Have you ever wondered how you can be part of God’s plan to take the Gospel to the nations?

Today there are over 105 million people in the Philippines. Here are four ways you can start to get involved in God’s work in the Philippines.

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Check out our prayer resources and sign up to receive regular prayer updates.

Books Philippines

Learn about the Philippines as a nation and what God is already doing here.

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Learn about OMF projects in the Philippines that you can support financially.

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Use your gifts and professional skills to serve in the Philippines, long or short term.

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6 Ways to Reach God’s World Video Series

Reaching the nations in Japan

It is said that the number of foreign Christians in Japan is almost the same as the number of Japanese Christians, only a small number of those are missionaries. What’s God doing in Japan?

“Why do OMF have a Guest Home in Manila?”

“But”, I replied, “the center is so much more than just a guest home…”

Swimming Upstream

Synopsis: This article discusses the possibilities of Filipinos serving in Japan and considers how similar things can be done for workers from the majority world to address challenges of serving in more affluent places. It looks at the need to rethink language learning and to widen the discussion on tent-making and other ways of sending [...]

Mother Tongue Translation versus Lingua Franca: Some Thoughts on a Missiological Mainstay – A Response

In order to help readers better interact with the article "Mother Tongue Translation versus Lingua Franca: Some Thoughts on a Missiological Mainstay," we are including a conversation between a few experienced missionaries about some of the points made. We hope that other readers will continue this conversation with their friends or coworkers. Walter McConnell Grace [...]


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