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From the Philippines?

Philippines Home Council sends Filipinos to serve cross-culturally in the Philippines and across East Asia.

About the Philippines

Key Facts

  • 7,107 islands
  • approx 100 million people (2011)
  • 170 languages and dialects
  • 320 people per square km (national average)
  • 42,000 barangays (smallest government unit)
  • Spanish colony from 1565 to 1898
  • USA colony until independence in 1946
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Bukang Liwayway

Twenty years ago, OMF Philippines Field Member Patrick Hobbs began an integral ministry that includes planting house churches among Metro Manila’s urban poor. This ministry is now called Bukang Liwayway (BL). In English, this means Dawn for the Poor. On Sunday evening, November 13, 2016, a major fire broke out in Welfareville, Mandaluyong City where Hobbs pioneered this ministry. Around 1,500 families (almost 6,000 people) lost their houses. BL lost its livelihood center, preschool, and office.  House church members and BL leaders lost their homes, along with all their possessions. They are getting government help for the very basic necessities of food and water, and are staying at temporary shelter. Huge immediate relief needs remain, along with longer-term needs for rebuilding. Help may be given by gifts directed to PH General Relief Project P65145, mentioning Welfareville.

See the drone video showing the aftermath of the fire from ABS-CBN News at this link.

(photos courtesy of Bukang Liwayway)


Our Vision

To see God glorified through communities of believers in all people groups of the Philippines, transforming society and having global impact.

Our Mission

In obedience to God, OMF Philippines works in partnership with individuals and groups to establish and equip biblical communities of faith.

Our Core Values

  1. God Centeredness
  2. Thorough Evangelization
  3. Strategic Partnerships
  4. Cultural Appropriateness
  5. Focused Creativity
  6. Fellowship

Life after Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) - April 2015

Super Typhoon Yolanda Update

November 8, 2015 marks the 2nd year after Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) unleashed its destructive force on the islands of the Philippines.

OMF International Philippines gives thanks for those who prayed, helped in many ways, and gave to the project of rebuilding some of the affected communities. Continue to pray with us as we seek to finish this project.  Contributions to the project can still be made through the Philippines General Relief Project by specifying Yolanda Relief. Contact your local OMF office for more information. See also this link