Tai Dam

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Global Prayer for the Tai Dam

Global Prayer Focus for the Tai Dam

  You may have never met a Tai Dam person. Never climbed the steps up into their home or sat around the fire with them. Never eaten their sticky rice or listened to their singing. You may not meet a single one of them until Heaven, but you can have an influence on them today [...]

Tai Dam (16)

God’s Work in a Tai Dam Village

As we sat on the floor, eating with 12 Tai Dam people, Oliver got everyone’s attention and told them, “I’ve been hearing these stories from these guys. I don’t understand everything yet, but I think you should all hear them. They are about God.” Then he looked to me and gestured for me to take [...]

Uncle Som

Uncle Som

    “If he does it, he will be dead within three months.” That was the word that was spreading around the village about Uncle Som. For some time he was the main topic of gossip and conversation at the morning market. People couldn’t believe that he was going to publicly renounce the way of […]

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