TCK Education

We come alongside families who are working cross-culturally by delivering education or providing support for parents who are homeschooling.

Support Services

TCK Programs

We develop and coordinate structured programs with intentional Biblical content both teaching and discipling children.

Support Services

Family Boarding Home Ministries

We have full-time as well as part-time family boarding homes, located in Northern Thailand and neighboring countries.

Support Services

Personnel Manager

We work closely with ministry leaders and members to ensure that personnel matters are completed in a timely manner and personnel information is kept up-to-date.

Support Services

Candidate Coordinator

We are the field-side “face” to people (candidates) who are still in their home country, but want to come to the mission field.

Support Services

Finance Manager

The finance manager provides financial oversight and coordination for all of the Mekong members and activities that Mekong is involved in.

Support Services

Medical Advisor

We try to support the workers in any way we can, so they stay fit and healthy and well-prepared for their role.

Support Services

What are Support Services?

To reach the peoples of the Mekong with the Gospel, we do not only need workers on the front line, but also in many supporting roles. We have our TCK ministries, that focus on the children of our workers, who grow up in different cultures. Besides that we have personnel managers, finance managers, medical advisors, candidate coordinators and people working in media and mobilization. Find out more about these roles here and if we have specific opportunities in any of those areas.

What are TCKs?

TCKs spend a significant part of their childhood away from their parents’ passport culture. They grow up incorporating elements of several overlapping and sometimes conflicting cultures into their identity.

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