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OMF Japanese Language & Culture Center

Acquisition of language and culture to the highest possible level has long been a key value of OMF International. For nearly 50 years the OMF Japanese Language & Culture Center has provided language training for its missionaries and other Christian workers in Hokkaido’s capital city, Sapporo.

OMFers undertake language study at the Japanese Language Centre.


The Japanese Language and Culture Center (JLCC) in Sapporo is dedicated to supporting new OMF Japan missionaries and others as they go about the challenging task of acquiring the language and culture skills needed for fruitful ministry among Japanese.

JLCC is committed to cultivating in every person who studies here:

  • a love for the Japanese people,
  • a curiosity about the culture and language,
  • the ability to meaningfully and appropriately share the gospel in Japan, and
  • an attitude of life-long learning.

Language Program

Missionaries who haven’t previously studied Japanese take two years on average to complete a full-time course of study at the Japanese Language and Culture Center (JLCC). The average full-time student at JLCC attends two to three classes a day, Monday to Friday. Most classes are one-on-one (one teacher and one student).

JLCC’s 26-month program starts from the basics and goes right up to preaching in Japanese. Regular courses in the curriculum include:

  • Elementary: Minna no Nihongo Books 1 & 2,
  • Elementary Kanji: 600 kanji associated with the Minna no Nihongo books;
  • Religious Language Supplement: a basic introduction to some language and phrases you would hear in church;
  • Intermediate: Minna no Nihongo Chūkyū (kanji included),
  • Christian Life Supplement: books of the Bible, how to pray, how to write letters, emails, testimony, etc.,
  • Bible Course: Christian doctrine in Japanese,
  • Sermon Course: on-the-spot short talks and formal written sermons.
  • Additionally, optional courses can include other practical
    topics such as teaching cooking classes, Sunday school work, and leading Bible studies


Fees and Application

Applications forms may be sent to and additional information may be requested from the JLCC supervisor at

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