Link (Young Adult Focus)

With such a small percentage of Christians in Japan,most young people have had little or no contact with the church. And yet if the church in Japan is to grow in the future then we need to be reaching the younger generation for Christ. So how can they be reached? Link is a Tokyo based OMF Japan Project to reach out to young people living in the Tokyo area.
Rather than expect the young people to come to them, the Link team believes it is important to go to where the young people are. They want to engage them in friendship, thereby introducing them to the love of Christ. To do this the team meets people in parks, teaches hip hop dance classes, participates in social networks. In the future they would like to open a coffee shop, a place where young people can spend some time away from their busy lives.
Many young people in Japan today face difficult challenges. The Link team has a heart to reach those who are unemployed or underemployed, those who have been rejected by family and/or friends and find themselves on the fringes of society or even those who shut themselves away (hikkikomori). They also see many young people who put everything they have into often unhealthy hobbies.
The pressures of Japanese life on young people create very real social needs to which we seek to bring the love of Christ. The team’s vision is to Seek, Win, Build and Send these young people for Christ. To ‘Seek and Win’ is focused on creating friendships with young people and through friendship introduce them to Christ. To ‘Build and Send’ is the focus on discipling and encouraging believers to grow in their faith that may also faithfully witness to the Gospel of Christ.