Japanese Language & Culture Center


Japanese Language & Culture Center


JLCC moved into part of the spacious and newly renovated building OMF Hokkaido center in north Sapporo in April 2004. As well as brightly coloured classrooms of various sizes it has a light and comfortable student lounge for relaxation and fellowship next door to the roomy staffroom. Close by is the office of the Language and Orientation Training (LOT) Coordinators and the Language Advisor is not far away.


Upstairs is the extensive Media and Resources centre, with extensive language and cultural resources (books, magazines, DVDs and videos), where students can study in quiet and peaceful surroundings. Also upstairs, is a large meeting room where chapels, graduations and orientation sessions can be held.


The building is beautifully designed with the theme of the ‘seed’ of the Word of God being taken out into Japan and the world. The purpose of Japanese Language & Culture Center is to assist Christians in Japan in both language and culture acquisition so that all of us may fulfil more effectively the task that has been given us.