Share with us in praying for the land of Japan.

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Pray for the people of Japan, for just five minutes a day, for five days, for five strategic areas using the 5x5x5 prayer guide.

Read the prayer guide online on any device or download and print the pdf version in colour or black & white.

New Japan Prayer Guide

Published in 2020, this is for anyone who wants to understand Japan better in order to pray. It cover 30 topics about Japanese culture, society, church, and mission.

Beneath the Surface is only currently available in hard copy in Japan. In 2021 you will be able to order hard and digital copies from other parts of the world.

OMF Prayer Guide Booklet

Read about the opportunities and challenges faced by OMF workers and Christians in Japan.

Hard copies of the English version are sold out in most centres. Contact OMF Japan for a pdf of the English version. 

Also available in Korean, Chinese, German, and Portuguese from relevant OMF centres.

Praying for Japan

“The task unfinished is first and foremost a call to prayer.”

As we pray we want to wait on the Lord and listen to him, to pray with passion and expectancy and look to the Lord to do great things. Please take time to focus on the land of Japan and its people, praying alone and with others, as we long for spiritual breakthrough!


1) Workers for the harvest field

“Lord, raise up missionaries, pastors, evangelists, lay leaders, witnesses in the workplace”

Recently we have seen a decrease in the number of new workers coming to Japan, but we need to see a significant increase. Pray to the Lord of the harvest for new workers and that the workers we have would have health and strength to do the Lord’s work. We also want to see Japanese Christians becoming pastors/evangelists as well as Christians seeking to be salt and light where they work.


2) Unity and Cooperation

“Lord, may churches work together, seek to overcome differences, love one another”

It is sad when churches or denominations are divided. Many churches are small – could they work better together? Pray for reconciliation where there are broken relationships.


3) Equipped for Battle

“Lord, help your people to fight with spiritual armour and shine as lights in the darkness”

The spiritual battle here is very real. We need to recognise that and pray accordingly. Pray for protection for missionaries and Japanese Christians. Pray they would really know and experience he who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.


4) OMF Japan

“Lord, show us clearly what we should be and do as we are here ‘for such a time as this’”

We implemented a new structure in 2015 and decided on a new vision and mission in 2016. We are waiting on the Lord to show us the next steps we should take to begin to see that vision fulfilled. Pray we would be sensitive to and patient with one another.


5) Spiritual Vitality

“Lord, may your people worship you joyfully, serve you wholeheartedly, and witness boldly”

Pray that where church is a chore, there would be joy. Where Christian living is legalistic, may there be a fresh infilling of the Spirit. Where there is a fear or reluctance to witness about their Lord, may there be boldness and power.


6) Pastors and Churches

“Lord, encourage and envision pastors; may churches overflow with love, joy, and hope”

Many pastors struggle in small churches with little growth and financial stresses. They need encouragement. Remember pastors’ families. Pray for churches you know and those you don’t.


7) Families

“Lord, may whole families believe in Jesus, from small children to elderly grandparents”

Sometimes only the wife believes – pray for non-believing husbands. Pray for teenagers in the Japanese education system where the pressures are great and it’s easy to drift away from church.


8) The Political Scene

“Lord, grant restraint to leaders and strengthen believers to stand firm when it gets tough”

Remember the leaders, especially Prime Minister Abe. There are international tensions and also things happening within Japan which are concerning Christians. Watch the news and pray.


9) Evangelism and Discipleship

“Lord, may your people be built up in their faith and have passion to proclaim the gospel”

We long to see believers sharing the gospel. Pray for a holistic witness in a society which has increasing social problems. Christian faith can remain shallow, pray for believers to grow and mature as Christians.


10) Holiness

“Lord, purify your church, help your people to live holy lives and deal with secret sins”

Pray for missionaries and pastors to live and model holy lives. Temptations are great and pastors/missionaries are not immune to moral failure. Pray for Christians (and not-yet-Christians) in this land who struggle with pornography and other addictions – may they be set free.


11) OMF Japan Prayer Vision 2020

“200 by 2020”

May the Lord give us the 150 full-time workers and 50 OMF Friends and 6 month+ short-termers we seek, and the strength and resources to support and equip them.


12) Repentance, Renewal, Revival!

“Lord, bring many to repentance, renew your people, and revive your church”

We long for revival in Japan, for spiritual breakthrough. A renewed and revitalised church can have a powerful impact on this society. We long for God to reveal himself to people and cause such an awareness of their sin/shame/broken relationship with the Creator God that they are brought to repentance and faith in the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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