Find out about the different ways you could be involved in ministry through OMF Japan and browse our latest mission opportunities.

Serve Asia

2wks – 12mos

  • Come on your own or with a team.

  • See if God’s leading you to serve him in Japan longer term.

  • We have many opportunities for short-term workers, depending on your interests and skills.

  • Vision trips are available.

  • Some language study is available to those who stay longer periods


1 – 3 years

  • Come and serve in Japan for a longer period without committing to long-term.

  • You can serve:

    • in a church-planting team, or

    • in a Japanese-led church, or

    • by providing support for our missionary teams media, administration, teaching, or technical support.

  • A short period of intensive language study is available and we will provide you with resources to continue studying Japanese throughout your period of service.


4+ years

  • Two years in full-time language (unless you have exceptional Japanese already)

  • Two more years doing an internship under missionaries or a Japanese pastor or in other ministries.

  • Do you have a burden to reach Japanese people with the gospel over the long-term?

  • Or do you have skills suited to support missionaries: financial, technical, administrative?

  • Are you willing to spend years learning the culture and language of Japan and building relationship with Japanese?

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