You can give towards OMF’s work in Japan by supporting missionaries or by contributing towards projects that we’re involved in. To make a contribution, please contact OMF Japan or your local OMF center.

OMF Japan aims to assist the Japanese church and other parachurch organisations in various ways. One way can be through practical assistance. See below for more information about projects you can contribute towards.

The signage outside OMF HQ in Japan.


General Ministry Projects

Aomori Christian Center

Project# P60501

The Aomori Christian Center (ACC) is the only Christian camp and retreat center in Aomori Prefecture, an area with a population of over 1.25 million. The purpose of ACC is to strengthen local churches by providing its facilities as a place for evangelism, Bible teaching and Christian fellowship. To achieve this mission they organize or jointly host a wide variety of camps and other programs.

This project is phase one of a building project to replace the existing main building which has been deemed unsafe by local authorities. It involves repairing the access road, demolishing the old main building, and building a new multi-purpose refectory. This refectory will serve as chapel, dining hall, lecture room, and indoor program facility for worship services, church retreats, Bible school classes and camp programs. This building will greatly increase the scale and scope of ACC’s current ministry.

OMF Japan Blog – Aomori Christian Center: what lies ahead? (English)
ACC Website – (Japanese)

Cafe Ministry & Christian Bookstore in Rural Japan

Project# P60133

Cafe Iris Lighthouse Books

The Lighthouse Bookstore and Café Iris are connected ministries operated by the Tsugaru Church out of the same building next to the church. They are the only ministries of their kind in Aomori and Akita prefecture. After much prayer, the ministry was started in 2001 with the encouragement, help and oversight of OMF missionaries Martin and Ruth Mae Ghent. Café Iris was started to encourage Christians, provide an avenue for the local Christians to share their faith and to welcome people from the community. Lighthouse books not only helps people grow through the literature available but also provides resources and encouragement to many churches from both prefectures to share their faith and disciple believers. The prayer and hope is that people would find Jesus, discover hope for living and experience transformed lives.

Although the café and bookstore do generate some revenue, this has only been sufficient to cover day-to-day expenses. After many years of operation, the facilities need to be upgraded.

Cafe Iris on Facebook (Japanese only)

Sendai Student Focus

Project# L60215

Sendai Student Focus (SSF) was formed as a new OMF ministry initiative to reach out to university and college students in March 2014.   The team also seeks to reach out to university staff, and young people who have returned from studying overseas.

Many of the young people the team meet who are in the 18-30 age-bracket experienced the 2011 triple disaster.  The team wants provide a safe place for young people to share their lives and for them to hear the gospel of Jesus in loving relational Christian contexts.

Project funds will be used to contribute to rental space for events, provide relevant resources for Bible study, assist with retreats and hospitality costs.

Apprentice Fund

Project# L60210

The Japanese Church Apprentice Fund has been established to receive and pass on funds to Japanese churches to pay Japanese Christians who have chosen to work part-time in a secular position and devote the remainder of their time to working with the church or to ministry training. Lack of finances can often be a barrier to Japanese Christians getting more involved in ministry and this project seeks to help address this.

The Fund would be used to sponsor Japanese Christians to have an opportunity to do paid work for a local church in order to:

  • Help that local church grow
  • Help that individual to be better equipped to serve the church
  • Help that individual to test their gifting for Word ministry
  • In time to be a stimulus for other Japanese churches starting this kind of scheme

Hokkaido Bible Institute Library and Chapel Extension

Project# L60216

The Hokkaido Bible Institute (HBI) was founded in 1963 as a “biblical, evangelical, and interdenominational” seminary for the training and equipping of pastors and church leaders. By God’s grace, more than 170 of its graduates work for the Kingdom of God throughout Japan and beyond. As the Japanese church faces the urgent reality of a rapidly growing number of pastor-less churches, HBI continues to respond to the Lord’s calling in equipping faithful and dedicated workers, who are committed to “make Jesus known, serve the Japanese church, the world, and this generation.”

To fulfil their mission, a well-equipped and user-friendly learning environment is essential. Currently, HBI’s library is overloaded and donated books are placed temporarily in different locations in the seminary. The library as it stands does not provide any study places for the students either.

This project seeks to help HBI to provide the students with a well-functioning library with study and discussion space. As part of the project, there will be an extension to the chapel that also serves as a multi-functional room.

HBI’s (Japanese) website is here:


Project# L60201

fmZERO (‘OMF’ spelt backwards) is OMF Japan’s outreach programme to university students in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Its focus is in friendship evangelism and seeking to connect students with churches. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for service to short‐term workers visiting Sapporo.

fmZERO is reaching out to university students in Sapporo, Japan. Sapporo is the location of the OMF Japan Hokkaido Centre and is a hub for OMF missionary activity in Japan, so the programme can leverage off the OMF workers and facilities in the area. The primary area of activity is at Hokkaido University (Hokudai), the largest university in Hokkaido. Currently, one OMF missionary works at Hokudai, which creates the opportunity for work on campus. fmZERO gives an opportunity for short‐term workers with little or no Japanese to meet and share their faith with Japanese students who are interested in learning English.

Hokkaido Gospel Broadcast Ministry

Project# Radio-P60001

Project# TV-P60005

The Hokkaido Gospel Broadcast Ministry (Hokkaido Fukuin Hōsō Kyōkai) facilitates the transmission of the gospel in Hokkaido through TV, radio, telephone and correspondence courses.

OMF was instrumental in helping establish the radio ministry (last year the TV ministry celebrated its 20th anniversary). The ministry operates independently of OMF Japan, though an OMF member sits on the board.

This OMF project is to facilitate the transfer of support gifts and mobilise other support for the Hokkaido Gospel Broadcast Ministry.

The Hokkaido Gospel Broadcast Ministry’s purpose is to reach out to people in Hokkaido who have no contact with the church or Christians. The TV programme’s audience ranges from 1-3% and the radio programme’s is on average 0.7%. Both figures exceed the proportion of evangelical Christians in Hokkaido. Many areas in Hokkaido are very sparsely populated and remote. Often there is no church at all and broadcast ministry is the most effective way to spread the gospel in these areas.

KGK University Student Ministry

Project# P60004

KGK (Kirisuto-sha Gakusei Kai) is a major, Japan-wide university student ministry. It is staffed and run by Japanese nationals.

The KGK ministry is independent of OMF, but OMF has been working with KGK since the 1960’s and in the past has had workers directly involved in KGK’s ministry activities (and hopes to again in the future).

This OMF project is to facilitate the transfer of support gifts and mobilise other support for KGK’s work in Japan.

KGK works in universities throughout Japan to reach Japanese students with the gospel. Many current leaders in the Japanese church were involved with KGK in the past.

Their (Japanese) website is here:

KGK’s focus is to develop groups of students who meet to share their faith and study the Bible. KGK workers do not lead these groups, but act as facilitators and trainers. In addition to its ongoing work, KGK also organises major events such as their annual summer and ski camps.


Project# L60204

Samariyakai (lit. “The group of Samaritans”) is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation organisation in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Started by OMF in 1972, it operates a live-in facility where Japanese with (primarily) an alcohol addiction can go for help.

OMF Japan no longer has direct involvement in the day-to-day operation of Samariyakai, though the OMF Japan Field Director sits on their board.

Samariyakai is affiliated with the International Federation of the Blue Cross (IFBC).

This OMF project is to facilitate the transfer of support gifts and mobilise other support for Samariyakai.

Unlike the approach taken in hospitals in Japan whereby substance addictions are treated largely with drugs, Samariyakai offers more holistic treatment to allow addiction sufferers to adopt a lifestyle where they are not dependent on alcohol or drugs and re-enter society and not fall back into addiction when the treatment is over. Samariyakai is based in Sapporo, so receives individuals primarily from within Hokkaido.

Samariyakai’s (Japanese) website is here:


Project# L60207

LINK is a team of missionaries in Tokyo who work together to reach young adults.

The vision of the LINK team is to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ and, by doing so, support and encourage the Japanese church.  Their ministry is focused primarily on young adults, defined as people in their 20s and 30s.  The team desires to function as ‘links’ that bring churches, Christian young adults and non-Christian young adults in the Tokyo area together.

LINK believes that young adults can use their hobbies to make friends and share the joy they have in Christ in a natural way.  It’s not easy for a single Christian to do that, so the team encourages groups of young Christians to do activities together and invite their friends. They also want to train young Christians to be able to share their faith in an appealing way.

Project funds will be used to rent space in Tokyo. The team rents a dance studio monthly to build up a community of young adult dancers. They also want to rent a room to use as a ministry base, for fellowship, and to hold smaller events, such as bible studies and prayer groups.

Church Projects

Sendai Evangelical
Christian Church

Project# L60117

Since the March 2011 tsunami God has opened a door for the gospel in Sendai, north east Japan. Many thousands have been relocated in new housing and the church has exercised a wide and powerful ministry to tsunami evacuees.

Typically the church will put on a community café, mini-concert, barbecue, picnic, craft workshop or Christmas party. There are two potential church plants in Gamo (near the Sendai harbour) and  at Yamamoto (30 km south of Sendai) as a result of this ministry, and worship services are held regularly. At Yuriage (Natori harbour) there is a regular and well-attended monthly outreach which will hope will also develop into a new church. We have held meetings in Arai (south Sendai) and hope to do this more regularly.

This work is too large and expensive for Sendai Evangelical Church to bear the cost alone.

Pray for this ministry project, for:

  • Christ to build his church in south Sendai.
  • A core of zealous believers in Gamo, Yamamoto, and Yuriage .
  • Holy-Spirit empowerment of Japanese workers and missionaries.
  • Full provision of funding.

For more information about Sendai Evangelical Christian Church (Japanese and English)

Hirosaki Nozomi Church

Project# L60104

Hirosaki Nozomi Church1
Hirosaki Nozomi Church2

Hirosaki Nozomi Church is located in the regional area of Koguriyama, Hirosaki, Aomori. It currently consists of 21 members of various ages and life situations, including a Korean family, and two long-term OMF missionaries. There are also several non-member attendees, and the Church is often visited by short term missionaries from all around the world.

The mission of Hirosaki Nozomi Church is to reach out to the local community (through various activities including English classes, ukulele classes and ladies’ exercise classes), to build relationships with local students, and to disciple existing Christians.

The Church was started by long-term OMF missionaries, Martin and Ruth Ghent, in 2015.

Hiragishi Izumi Christ Church Building Fund

Project# L60128

Izumi Church was planted in 2009 in an area of 30,000 people in the city of Sapporo. The church is slowly growing and we are seeing increasing numbers of non-Christians coming along to events and hearing the gospel. Over the next few years we expect, God willing, to need to move out of our current (rented) premises, which will mean buying some land and erecting a church building. This is expensive in Japan, and though the church is saving towards that, we are a very long way off being able to afford what we would need. A permanent Church building in Hiragishi would be a wonderful base for long-term ministry here.

Hanamaki Megumi Church

Project# L60125

Hanamaki Grace Christ Church is a ministry of OMF Japan. We are committed to planting churches and making disciples in places where Christ is not preached. In February 2014 the first missionaries moved to Hanamaki and in July 2014 the first worship service was started in their home. A first decision for Christ quickly followed and we recently had a few baptisms. The missionary team has changed since, but we continue to meet for worship services in this rented house. By God’s grace, we have connected with many people in the community through our numerous activities. The church runs activities such as English classes, cooking classes, kids’ clubs, and an open house café.

In April 2020 the church purchased a house in Hanamaki to use as a church building. The house will be renovated and remodelled in June/July 2020, and then become the new home for the church. See the video below for more details.

To find out more about these projects or to make a contribution, please contact OMF Japan or your local OMF center.

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