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Partnering in training in Japan

Training across organisations can be challenging. Workers from OMF Japan’s offices and a university student ministry spent two days together learning how their roles fit into the bigger picture of God’s mission of reaching Japan.

Extending our reach in Japan through partnerships

“If God had not put us in touch with OMF, we would probably have left Japan after the first year. Praise God for the connection and partnership!”

SIngapore to Japan: Shao Xiong & Levene’s Mission Story

Shao Xiong & Levene are heading from Singapore to Japan for two years with OMF. We caught up with them to find out about their journey to this point. Where did your interest in missions begin? Levine: “All along, ever since I’ve been a Christian, I’ve seen missions is very important. but it was only [...]

Partnering with a Japanese church as a short-term worker

He served in a place no other OMF missionary had ever served.

Running a cafe in Japan: partnership in mission

Sometimes God surprises us by unexpectedly opening the door into a new ministry partnership. This happened recently when an OMF couple began work in a cafe in Sapporo.

It’s time for a different miracle in Japan

In 1989, at the beginning of the Heisei era, the Japanese economy was booming. Three years later, the bubble burst and Japan’s economy went into recession. Cracks are increasingly appearing in Japan’s prosperous façade, and it’s possible to glimpse the spiritual poverty this country is labouring under.

Japan has changed: it’s more international and it’s been shaken

We asked one of our missionaries who’s been in Japan since the ’80s what changes he’s seen. He recounted two moments—at a baseball match and in a conversation with a neighbour—when he realised significant changes were happening in Japan.

Jennifer’s Parents Were Against Missions Until She Did These Two Things

International missions are God’s will.

The god who spoke

Much has changed in Japan since Emperor Hirohito spoke to the nation in 1945, ending the myth that he was divine. But much has remained unchanged and we long to see God’s spirit poured out on this country.

Japan has changed, but Japanese still desire divine intervention

There have been many changes in Japan, but what remains unchanged is a deep desire for prayers or wishes to come true.

Japanese Cultural Dynamics: Their Influence on Japanese Abroad and their Impact on their Return

Mission Round Table Vol. 12 No. 2 (May-Aug 2017): 36-39 Graham Orr With his wife Alison, Graham served in OMF Japan from 1993 to 2011, and has served with OMF Diaspora Returnee Ministries since 2013. He leads the Dublin Japanese Christian Fellowship and teaches on cross-cultural issues throughout the UK and Ireland. He is author [...]

Is life in Japan easier for missionaries today?

Prayer letters from the ’60s reveal that life in Japan has changed considerably in the last few decades. But has it changed for the better?