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Swimming Upstream

Synopsis: This article discusses the possibilities of Filipinos serving in Japan and considers how similar things can be done for workers from the majority world to address challenges of serving in more affluent places. It looks at the need to rethink language learning and to widen the discussion on tent-making and other ways of sending [...]

Japanese Buddhism is hard to define

Active involvement in Buddhism has fluctuated over the centuries, but there is still a sense that to be Japanese is to participate in Buddhist traditions.

Buddhism in Japan: a complex topic

Japan has been soaked in Buddhism for nearly 2,000 years. Communicating the gospel requires repeated, clear explanation and the Holy Spirit’s intervention.

Religious confusion in Japan

Margaret, a missionary in Japan, found that many Japanese people she spoke to about their beliefs didn’t consider themselves religious. Rather, they usually followed the traditions of their family.

Japanese Buddhists saved by faith?

Logical reasoning rarely leads to a change of heart in Japan, where Buddhism is deeply ingrained and a way to stay connected to one’s family. Only the Holy Spirit can convict this family of their need for Jesus.

Reaching Japanese professionals with an English dinner

These OMF missionaries are reaching Japanese professionals in Tokyo who have worked overseas with international companies—with a simple monthly dinner and English conversation.

Christian community is vital for Japanese returnees

Japanese who return to Japan after encountering Christianity overseas need to find Christian friends in Japan to help them go on in the faith.

Keeping the faith: from English to heart language

This missionary couple were shocked when a new Japanese Christian they met in the US was troubled by encountering Christianity in her heart language.

Japanese ministry can happen outside Japan

Janet, a future missionary in Japan, found she could do ministry with Japanese even before she left home. This experience helped her prepare to go to Japan.

Partnering in training in Japan

Training across organisations can be challenging. Workers from OMF Japan’s offices and a university student ministry spent two days together learning how their roles fit into the bigger picture of God’s mission of reaching Japan.

Extending our reach in Japan through partnerships

“If God had not put us in touch with OMF, we would probably have left Japan after the first year. Praise God for the connection and partnership!”

Singapore to Japan: Shao Xiong & Levene’s Mission Story

Shao Xiong & Levene are heading from Singapore to Japan for two years with OMF. We caught up with them to find out about their journey to this point. Where did your interest in missions begin? Levine: “All along, ever since I’ve been a Christian, I’ve seen missions is very important. but it was only [...]