About Us

Our Vision

By God’s grace we want
to see a vibrant church
impacting every community

Our Mission

To glorify God we serve
with others to make
disciples of Jesus Christ


What God’s Done in Japan

OMF missionaries first came to Japan in 1951. Since then OMF has planted more than 50 churches in large cities and towns as well as small rural communities. Many of those churches now have Japanese pastors and some have planted daughter churches.

OMF has played a part in starting a Bible college and continues to have involvement in media, camping, and student ministries.

Where We Work

OMF works in three distinct areas in Japan. In the Greater Tokyo area (known as Kanto), in the northern prefectures of Honshu (known as Tohoku), and in the northern island of Hokkaido.


Kanto is the plain that’s home to Tokyo and Yokohama and many other cities—about 40 million people live here. It is a sprawling metropolis with many contrasts—modern and traditional, concrete jungle and nature, busy crowds and peaceful spots, trains and bicycles.   In Kanto OMF is partnering in the gospel with different churches and para-church organisations. We work with students, young adults, returnees, the elderly, and international people. We want to see disciples of Christ strengthening local churches and impacting their communities. Our national headquarters is located in Kanto. 


Tohoku is home to about nine million people. Almost a third of those live in cities bigger than 250,000 people. The rest live in towns, villages, and remote areas. The eastern coast suffered the brunt of the earthquake/tsunami disaster and nuclear meltdown in 2011. Many of the rural areas in this region have no church. OMF has worked in Tohoku for many years in church planting and evangelism. In recent years, work has also been done in community development, disaster recovery, student ministry, and church revitalisation.


Hokkaido experiences harsh winters and mild summers. It has a population of about five and a half million, but about two million live in Sapporo where there are about 170 churches. There are few churches outside the major towns. OMF is working in Sapporo and smaller rural towns. Keys to our work there are church planting, pioneer evangelism, and partnership with the Japan Evangelical Church Association. We’re also involved in student work, theological training, and some pioneering evangelistic approaches.

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