Tsunami photo taken from a cliff in Shichigahama, Miyagi prefecture after the Fukushima earthquake, Nov. 22nd, 2016.


Earthquake Deja-vu

Deja-vu is the sense that an event is repeating itself. The earthquake came on Tuesday at 6:59 a.m. The shaking increased and increased and just wouldn’t stop. “Oh no,” we thought, “not again.” Soon the speakers up and down the coast were blaring warnings about a tsunami, “Escape to high ground, don’t go near the coast” Exactly the same as the 2011 Great North East Japan Disaster. But this time I was ready! I grabbed my camera and headed for the cliff. And this is what I saw.

Link to YouTube Tsunami Video

It was a small tsunami with no fatalities but it was a chilling reminder for many who lost loved ones (20,000 died) or who lost everything except their lives (many are still in temporary housing) five years ago. Pray for them that they will flee to the only place of spiritual safety, Jesus Christ, and for us as we evangelise them.

Written by Rod Thomas (OMF Japan Missionary).

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With less than 1% of Japan’s 126 million knowing Jesus, by God’s grace we aim to see a vibrant church impacting every community.

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Japan Population

  • Population: 126,534,536
  • Density: 336 per sq. km
  • 99% Japanese [the other 1% are mostly Korean]
  • nearly 80% live in cities
  • Only 13% of the land can be built upon, so real density is much greater. In and around Tokyo, the capital, live about 30 million people.
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