With less than 1% of Japan’s 126 million knowing Jesus, by God’s grace we aim to see a vibrant church impacting every community.

How can you be a part of this important work?

Japan Population

  • Population: 126,534,536
  • Density: 336 per sq. km
  • 99% Japanese [the other 1% are mostly Korean]
  • nearly 80% live in cities
  • Only 13% of the land can be built upon, so real density is much greater. In and around Tokyo, the capital, live about 30 million people.
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OMF Japan

Who we are, our history and core values.

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What work is being done?

Church Planting, Pioneering Ministries and Partnerships.

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How is God at work?

Some of our workers share their experiences of God’s work in Japan.

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Join us in prayer

Find out how you can support God’s work in Japan through prayer. Use our prayer guides and news updates.

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Get involved!

What are the current opportunities are in Japan. How can you be a part of this work?

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Learn more

Books and resources on mission, Japan and OMF.

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Based in Sapporo, the Japanese Language & Culture Centre provides new workers with a range of learning opportunities. Find out more about becoming a JLCC student.

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Support OMF Projects

Find out how you can support projects that OMF is involved in, including the ongoing support work in the areas affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

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Get in contact with OMF Japan.

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