The Mainland Chinese are spreading all over the globe for study and work. Today they are located every major continent of the world.

Where will your love for the Chinese take you?

(It’s different than you think.)
China has the largest number of overseas students in the world, with a record 1.27 million studying abroad at the end of 2010, according to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Education. About 285,000 of them were new students who began their overseas studies last year, up 24 percent over 2009. More than 90 percent of the students chose to study in the top 10 destinations – the United States, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, France, Germany and Russia… ( Source )

China Daily April 18, 2011.



Over 500 thousand Thais live outside Thailand. Most are to be found in California and Taiwan, but there are also significant populations in Europe and Australia. There are OMF Diaspora workers in the UK, Switzerland and Australia, which means that we need many more to reach those who have never heard of Christ.



The Japanese are exploring the world and are now to be found in many Western and Asian countries. They are much more likely to come to Christ outside Japan where they are free to think differently with out strong social pressures. While coming to Christ is easier overseas, when Japanese believers return home they face many difficulties. As a result there is a lot of effort to help returnees to resettle in Japan and to be nurtured in a Christian environment.

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